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Communication: 18-8-2019.
Time: 8:00 hours.
Place: Nevado Huaytapallana, Huancayo. Peru
Antena: Luamel (Milagro Espinosa)

Here your Mission Guides Brothers, in this Huaytapallana-Peru Meeting.

Father Wiracocha, Mother Center, Pachamama. Honored for the energy you are transmitting. You will be crystallization in its environment, when a community radiates, cleanses and protects a soil, nothing is by chance, your spirits have already been together in previous lives, you will see in your surroundings the majesty and beauty that accompanies you or the nature that can be by day or it can be night, nothing stops the one who cultivates his real essence. You have transmitted every concept to the Xolar center, and indeed the Xolar Disk is the force with which the human rotates it. He is the Father overflowing with knowing that your presence makes an existence in a still small humanity.

We are partners of many missions and trajectories, your questions have already been answered, sometimes you have not understood, your mental distractors have not facilitate them. Why do you think there is no channel connection ?, when we need to convey and confirm that all Presence of integration is positive; and is willing and is facilitating a new knowledge for a new project or work.


The White Tunic Masters, ascended Masters and all beings accompany you in that passive, but intelligent harmony. You have discovered one of their missions, and it is not to remain silent, it is to speak with the truth, with the conviction that your heart has awakened, with the conviction that your inner eyes discover. You are Guides on Earth and you must have the patience with which the Master Jesus, with that Christian energy that accompanies us, waits and often radiates that word Love, with its deep honesty, is a vibrational creation that creates in consciousness of other men.

Do not allow yourself to be invaded by distractors, the fire of your heart is the dominant of all integrated intelligence into your humanity.
The work of an antenna is simply opening of heart, it is simply allowing us to communicate and complement created works of their own essences.

This work has been arranged for a center, our beloved Mother, the dear Pachamama, she humble lovingly arranged her center as a great stage with the illumination of a beautiful Lady, so that you project every cosmic infinite force, so that it shines in the first person your personal harmony and then form the community and then extend it.

Be wise, elder wise and end with old tribulations, with old paradigms, there is a new mission and it is the energy creative force that accompanies you with a technology, here we are working, doing work so that your irradiations are projected to other cities, to other centers, and we require many workers, that with their internal strength, mental and if they could with their physical strength help us.


Your communities are exterminated and fall into despair, many of your communities make controversy of such simple things, living nature of the human, or of the human experience is simple, it is to yield with humility and yield to the next and trust in its truth.

Project all good intention and work as a confident walker, with deep Christian Love, for this presence is permanent in you, and many of you have worked before, it is pleasant to see you awakening, today you have enlightened and beautified. We your Star Brothers interrupt the cosmos to admire the creation that a human can create.

It is easy, it is only surrendering your will to the most powerful and unique force, we are all one and we are still apprentices, we also learn and we will not give up, because we trust you.

There are areas that need, because you are already doing it, you must be carriers of that little Light and turn it into a giant. Those areas that need, transfer, examine their possibility and cultivate, you will always be supported. Give your best, there is a gigantic exterior projection that you should not be interrupted, you will speak with Love and solidify in your consciences, "this contact is true." You calm your mind, move your senses, awaken that vibration that has been given to you.

Since you arrived on Earth, we are part of a new era and we believe that these purposes will be real, you will have to join one last frequency, project to the lake that is anxiously waiting for it.

Your Mother tonight will show her best harmony, you will form the strength of heart, radiate a perpetual Light and accept that it be so, so that all the sinkholes, all the depths, every crack that the unconscious human still mistreats, with every drop of water this variation will be extensive, because your truth is heard and today you will reflect it.

Culminate with the work that has been understood.

Us who guide and accompany you to honor you in mission.

Antarel, Anitac, Sampiac