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Date: 2003-09-02

Antenna: Mishraelam


Soromez and Abudamir from the Inner Lake Retreat.


The Solar Disk, such a loving tool, will open its doors and unveil its secrets, for those with an open mind, free of schemes and preconceptions, whose hearts shine and vibrate in the Love of the Seventh dimension. So it is arranged and it will be.

His hidden wisdom will be taught and transmitted, in direct connection with the Profound Love of Cosmic Consciousness.

Only in the Inner Work will your hearts shine, your Souls will teach in connection with your Inner Master the hidden wisdom deposited incarnation after incarnation.

The Solar Disk there is, within you, and awaits the moment of being connected in maximum vibration of Love, in the brightness of your Essences to Love and Forgiveness, energy that is emanated by the God Love that lies and lives in you.

May your works be impregnated by Love, may your acts be of Love and Light.

May peace be with you.

In union with the Deep Love,



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