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Date: 2003-06-14

Antenna: Mishraelam


“The Lake Maestros present”

Yes Soromez and Soriam.

You are reminded that guests are coming here in fulfillment of a commitment of Love and Faith that you have ahead of you.

Before, you must empathize with the reality of the commitment that awaits you: Make contact with the small part that touches you in receiving information that concerns Lemuria and the Pleiadian Maestros, your origins, the Solar Disk and the Sacred Flame Maxim.

Some of you will contact us at the Retreat and will contact the Solar Disk at such reception.

Be simple and unstructured. Do not schematize. Everything comes to its moment and it is necessary that you look at the objectives that lie ahead.


They are five and they are important:


o Assimilation of lived experiences and understanding of personal and group processes. All as one must make contact with the knowledge of your Personal and Group Missions.

o Strengthen an adequate comprehensive preparation, which will catapult you to live multiple experiences of contact with us in a more conscious way.

o Deepen contact with yourself, oriented to detachment, forms, schemes, polishing your egos will free you from hard moments of trial and suffering, pain and misunderstanding. Contact with your Master(inner-self) should not be missing. If there is, additionally with us there will be. The contact between you must grow, in Love, in support and in mutual help, in friendship and in solidarity. It is necessary that you join, since the moments that will come must find you strong, united in Love, pure of heart.

o The work to be carried out in Uruguay that will seek to awaken the Christ Consciousness in Humanity. Only through the memory of who you are and who you were will you be able to understand the Mission process that lies ahead.

o It is then expected that everyone as one will live different experiences of contact with us, the Maestros and with the Mission Guides, which will lead you to disseminate mission in your country and in the world.

Put first what is first and then everything in addition will be given.


(SOROMEZ and SORIAM, San Ramón, 06-14-03)


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