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Communication: 9-17-2019. Time: 5:00 hours.
Place: Lima, Peru
Antena: Aminer (Jorge Mena)

Yes we are your brothers Guides in Mission

What work awaits the entire Rahma International groups in the fulfillment of the Mission these months before the end of the year?

World events are unfolding as we told you in this collective purification that your planet is doing in its advance to the fourth dimension, and in this process you are all immersed in the change that is taking place in all planes of consciousness.

Do not be overwhelmed by all information that comes to you, by knowing much don't feel more than the rest of the world, the world continues its course with its humanity included, it is the decision and the awakening of few in the world that make a difference in the change.

We need you all for the work that you were called, each mission that we have assigned you and those that we will continue to give you, feel in your hearts as if it were the first time that we commit you and commit yourselves to do a job, feel it as children with great enthusiasm, never lose that illusion, which your older brothers saw in you, your innocence is your protection, for which we have committed ourselves to conserve and protect.


What jobs do the groups need to strengthen themselves more in the mission?

Stay united in all the groups, do not make differences with anyone, you have the techniques that we have provided you, to help and help yourselves, with discipline, perseverance, share the information with all the groups, nobody is exclusive with what we transmit to you.

The disruptors who work in the shadow of impunity will be exposed to the hassle of humanity that has felt manipulated and deceived through the centuries by those who believed themselves were great characters of scientific and archaeological opinion. Keep calm.

Your Guides in Mission and the White Brotherhood awaiting Your decision for the contact,

Oxalc, Anitac, Antarel.