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Date: 2019-07-23
Place: Tampere, Finland


We all have a task to do even those who do not realize the lost times that now no longer need global agreements.

It is within each of you to share and define the next steps to take.

Not everything is as predicted.  Humanity is giving a coupling with the real time and that makes us all have to give as much as we can to have the events without pain and thus be able to call once more to others who like you are waiting to make the quantitative leap  towards that awakening that has already been told.

Love yourselves that love is to share what you have inside and that you don't always know how to share.  Give yourselves brothers that the light is already here and does not ask for help to expand but that it needs you to be able to get where it is most needed.

Love to all brothers since the Light of Power is extinguishing and is being replaced by the Light of Wisdom that may have more power depending on where it is given, and you are called to continue with the torch of power and thus overcome your ways  to give.

Love to all, love that power has already been given to give and you must take it and share everything received.

Love brothers, love.