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08/12/2019 HOUR: 10.30 PM 

REC: Gino D. 


Your brothers in Venus: 

Transmit preparation

You must be willing to live experiences this August 24. 

They have been confirmed with today's sighting. 

Overcome your barriers now.

We accompany you in your process.  Now closer than ever.


Became Free from doubts and fears.  Trust more in the Positive Forces.  Older Brothers of the High Dimensions support your ascension path.  Why doubt now?  Why fear? 

Your doubts are typical of the level you are leaving (3rd) and your fears are due to the ignorance and ignorance of the worlds or levels to come because subconsciously you want to stop and not move forward and that creates in you all scourge of low vibration frequencies.

You must reach higuer now.


The Mission Guides are close to you.  They give their Love supporting you, sending you energies towards your bodies to collaborate in their cleansing and energetization, so that you find balance with the new energies that flow into your world now and in this time.  


It's Important to Meditate.  

It is important to vibrate higher.  

Love moves the worlds, moves the Confederation and when its felt it moves you to continue.  Know how to open yourself to the fluidity that the BROTHERHOOD gives you from the heart.  Sit down and remove your mind so that in harmony, Peace and Love flow in your world and humanity.  


You will find the Light in your heart again, remembering that you make the path by walking.  

His love be with you.  

Your brothers from Venus