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Communication: 24 -12 - 2018

 Time: 16:30

 Place: Pisaq - Cusco - Peru

 Antenna: HellAham (Cristián Sánchez Barros)


The year 2019 will lead you to purify yourselves through conscious sacrifice, which means mobilizing the internal forces you possess and rarely perceive and use.


Next year will be of concrete and spontaneous manifestations because the planet must still be conditioned to the energies that come from the new reality generated from 2012. That is why telluric manifestations both on land and in sea/ocean will be felt.  Try to keep the cities bordering the coast under your orbit through radiating and creating the near future as calm and peaceful.


On a human level, you will see with astonishment the fall of characters and with them, systems, which will lead to changes.  There will have to emerge new and better ideas carried out by people already prepared for this time.  But in the fall of the old ideas there will be confusion and unease of many, there will have to shine those who have prepared consciously for that moment, in order to guide the events that will always be for the good of Humanity.


Everything said will be necessary to purify and give rise to the new, because the new will occupy the space of the mentioned so that everything is renewed both on the planet and in human consciousness. 

In the world political landscape, the one thought as retrograde will finally be the one who opens the door of change towards the light.


There will be resistance from some and rejection from others, but what is indicated to happen will be.

Keep your center with your heart and mind in the promising tomorrow that it is today.

The firmer ones will continue advancing in the midst of those they believe they are, but are not.

Thus, those who have not been seen and pointed out will go forward, opening the way to the new.


Egypt waits to be discovered by those who  already were and are.  Its light will give meaning and understanding to much of what sleeps on its ground today because of misunderstanding.


This year you can unite the parts and see the great mosaic that will unfold before your eyes, then you will understand and know how to act.


Hold the harmony inside and outside of you, that we will be there whenever our presence and help is necessary.


With love,