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Communication: July 14, 2013 

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Antenna: "HellAham" (Cristián Sánchez Barros)


Mardorx from the new time.  

Beloved brothers, as has been said by us, you are in the midst of a process of world change in which creating, you have the power to accelerate everything.  

We see that many are still living in the old time, it is because they are not yet aware of this new time.  We tell them to work to get rid of limiting schemas, because the sun is already rising and a new day begins. 

Those of you who are awake in consciousness, do not neglect your daily work, avoiding the reluctance and comfort that leads to numbness.  Your main task is to become aware of your task at this time and also to radiate to those who are already acting in the change.  Therefore, join protection chains ( of energy) aimed at these people who are working on the global collective awakening.  

The forces of darkness will continue to stalk you, but trust your own light that connects you permanently with the Father.

The coming times will be of rapid change, be attentive because what would have taken decades or years before, now it can take months or days.  

We will continue to support and show you so that you know that as always we remain close to you and that in essence, what we have told you almost 40 years ago is still standing.  Therefore, be attentive to deception and the mirages that will stalk you, seeking you do nothing  on this new time.  

Everything is summarized in that you should know your innerselves and accept your purpose of existing today in this new reality.  


With Love.