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April 2, 1999, 1:30 a.m.

Shasta, California US


You are already here supported by all cosmic energies, it is your duty to continue working in the places that are most needed, Africa, Agora, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Africa and the North Pole need pink energy to be able to change the evolutionary process of love

Thus you will have to send pink energy to Sudan so that the brothers who suffer from hunger no longer do so and send energy to the equinoxes so that the joint energy of the poles will join with that of the men and become an energy that will polarize  all to be able to change the events to come.

You will have to pray often for changes on your planet.  Pray to the Mother / Father God to enlighten you in the places that must be prayed daily in order to have a support plan that will be seen in the world plan.  And be willing to give more of your person for the good of all.

It is the force of love with which you are working.  Stay together so much more is achieved.  Give each other every day.

Love each other.  Always in light and love.  Wishes will be fulfilled.

With love.

JesusJoaquin and Antar.


Of the poor God will welcomed them since theirs are the kingdom of heaven, it goes without saying that everything is for everyone. Keep sharing what you have at all levels, the price of not sharing is blindness in mental and spiritual evolution. Love each other as I have loved you.



Love, be thirsty for love and you will vibrate at a higher tone, patience with everyone and everything.

The kingdom of God is that of men who have known how to die to themselves and give themselves to others.  Love yourself at all times of your life, in the daily action towards others is the love to give.

Have faith that time is near, closer than you think, keep in mind that this was not always the case, it was not always worked together but separately.  Have faith in you as we have it in you. Loving makes it easier.

(You) Love!

Jesus and Oxalc


33 will be the chosen ones, 33 the welcome ones and 32/33 those that have to continue working for the mother earth. The plan has already been given.  You just have to follow it.

Loving you.

The White Brotherhood