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Date: August 12, 1998
Place: Fremont, CA, US


We are here with you, helping you in whatever we can, that is, it depends on the circumstances in which you work.  It is your duty and your task of supporting the Elders in their correct work of surrendering what has been promised to your humanity.

And it is now time to receive the Christic Crystals of humanity that awaits incessantly that the walkers walk and willing to help others who need the tools that you already have.

It is sharing to be able to learn more along the path, in the struggle without ceasing there are always two paths to follow, the one to do nothing or the negative, and the positive and help those who are more able to take a gigantic step in this world of sadness and of love to the material that poisons your minds everywhere.

Beware that the negative is working non-stop since what is coming is a hard blow to them.

Keep in mind that what is coming is without comparable value in the human attitude as this will help to open dimensional doors to other brothers so they can help even others.

You must keep in mind that this was not always the case, there were times when humanity prayed when there was pain and not now where humanity is praying before without knowing what is coming.

It is your task to help the Elders in their task of continuing to send energy to all corners of the Earth.  Love one another and you will see doors open everywhere.

Love one another and you will see that also the man who is thirsty will calm down with what he needs and this is the water of the sacred spring of the cosmic consciousness that corresponds to him already.

Love one another that you will see that your wishes will be fulfilled at all levels.

Love one another incessantly, because only by loving can you live to the fullness of life 

We love you,

Joaquin and Jose


Loving yourself in December for the trip to Paititi, your will be the gifts of sharing with humanity that expects gold to be material but without realising that it is immaterial.  It is spiritual, always has been and always will be.

With love, your brothers,

Joaquín and Jose