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Place: San Carlos, California, US
Date: May 15, 1998


Where are you?  you are where you have to be in these times of shock to the world, this world and others who see the changes to come, the sacredness of the changes to come.

Whether or not you are acclimatizing to the high energies that are coming to help your humanity in change.  You have what you need to be able to work.  Do not wait, work endlessly that the change is yours and yours is the awakening.

Do not nightfall without having neglected to work, at dawn work incessantly even for a few moments of consciousness.  You will live moments of sweetness and sorrow, but this is the life of learning from the bad and tasting the good.

You have to start over every day rejoice with what you have learned so far and get to work sweetly and hard.

You have to take into account that your time is not our time.

We wait for your awakening and you wait for the awakening now, but this is not achieved without work, work incessantly.

With love,



You have to wait for confirmation of what has been given to you.  Love each other and you will see the fastest changes.

Love one another endlessly.  Loving dimensional doors open that will help us get down and help the planet and you.

Ask for more help without fear since to help you we are waiting for you to take the first step.

Do not doubt your work that you have what you need, now more than ever love without ceasing and you will see your wishes fulfilled.

Dawn brings with it a renewing light that brings about change in the environment and desire for harmony, take it to renew your physical bodies.

Hope that the new humanity / life is happening everywhere.  Take your hands and put them in your heart and pray endlessly opening hearts of love.  Have mercy and you will be given strength of will.

Love each other incessantly,

Your brothers

Joaquin and Olmex