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2019-07-08 Communication from Amin- Tah- Él

Antenna: Harim Rah

Human wake up!  Your heart is not cold, it was broken.  

The refuge for you was to hide from what you feel, without realizing that this was your greatest virtue.  

The fear of your power caused them to fear you and hurt you.  Making your own pain locked you up, and make you forget of your divine powers.

The turbulent waters of the Passions and Emotions are the gift of the pain of earthly learning.

It is your spirit that enjoys perfecting itself.  

Running had been part of the experience and survival.  

The living being, being reborn from himself, to walk on his own corpses, his deaths, his expectations, his losses.  Because he already succumbed to the spokesman of transformations of his Consciousness.

Time, its almanacs were subject to the effects of awakening to the supreme power of the diamond light in the heart that cried out for the love that was lodged in him.

Inheritance of the perfume of the future and the opportunity to know, know to modify.  

Man! The proof of your own cloning will be to transform yourself into Human, feel like Human, Love like Human.  

The plan of plans was never clear about its objective, because it responded to the subject effects of an original cause that was not modified in its essence, but in its application. Where the teacher from another space, at this time was exposed to the student and his way of interpreting reality.

Then it was that the illusion took over the one who created it, the necessity for those who did not know it and the emotion for those that forgot about it.

And your eternal question: What is the truth?  

But a limited perception of reality manifested a limited focus by temporality, doubts, fears, structures emptied of contents and full of macabre inheritance deformed by the bearers of a Faith and Hope subject to control.  

You have waited so long for the signal;  It was given.  Distrust everything that manipulates you, either if it comes from within yourself, as from outside.  

The Divine kingdom only exists where each one believes it exists.  

Evacuate what limits the earthly experience and aspire to the energies of joy, enjoyment, lovers of inner space and Hope that always existed in the depths of being, where the visible meets the invisible, Love with its creation and  the Profound Love of Cosmic Consciousness.  

The monster is the hidden face of truth, which is not destroyed except with Love, which is the weapon against those who do not know it.  

The newborn will kiss his mother's mouth, renewing the pact. Accompanied with the deep and silent gaze of his father.

The bearers of the message of reconciliation with the origin, observe and will show themselves, there will be no more doubts! 

The vehicle of being will live the consequences of its own evolution, out of ignorance or conscience.  

The generation of blue beings is the old one that returns as a child to give you back the beauty of the nakedness of being, which does not justify lies and inappropriate actions according to personal interests.  That eradicate the integration and communion essential to start an era of unimaginable possibilities.  Where fear will have no space, it will be occupied by the Love of the species and respect for every living being.  

The golden age has begun, Rivers of Light descend, Multicolored filaments of frequencies invade the material space, blinding those beings that have always been blind. 

The flower will give another perfume, the bird another song, the light another flash, the human heart another pulse that will keep uniting him to the beat of the Universe. 

Man will look at man with the eyes of feeling.  

The universe apologizes for its creation, before the Spirit of Mother Earth who will contemplate the rebirth of her son called Humanity. 

It will be then that the new being will be nourished by the fruits of its own progress.  Waiting for the long-awaited return of him of the White and Gold Garments together with his Star brothers, of which, being a disciple, he is a Teacher for the Love of Humanity that he gave his Christification!  

Amin-Tah- Él

The Lord of the Eternal Magic and Custodian of the Akashic Records spokesman of the Divine emanations of Providence.