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2017-02-01 Communication from Joaquin, Jesus and others
Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.  


Dear brothers, you are here because you must be here.  Already the winds of yesterday have passed to turn around new realities that you must face and will help you to be ready if you accomplished the wishes that you have proposed.  And it is to keep moving forward in your demonstrations of love towards others who are waiting for someone to guide them in these times of mental illness due to the synchronization of new energies of power.  And so keep helping where you are.

Do not fear the negative since it eliminates itself, you must be careful to protect your environment every night and have a light fast in the morning so that you can be clean to protect it even more.

And you will have to continue loving your neighbor since they are you who, like a spring, rises into the air to take on new energy flows and thus be able to face the rivers that are on the way to give you new reins.

And you will have to elevate to new assignments of love works that will lead you to new encounters with yourselves.  And you will not diregard those who are falling behind, but on the contrary you will help more all who are on your path.  And the help is in the awakening of conscience of your brothers who are more clueless than before due to the coming changes.

Help yourselves, the chain of slavery of carnal desires and rage no longer have place in these new times, speed up the struggles among inside yourselves and in tone towards the divine.

Keep living as you do, without luxuries that have no meaning, live as the father has taught you to live, from the spring of knowledge you will live and maintain a hidden tattoo of harmony towards nature that awaits your arrival with compassion and harmony.

You will always keep in mind your younger brothers (the animals) in everything you do since they are also evolving towards a more natural process of help with you and nature helps them to start the change.

You can love those who have nothing more to give, those who are in the shadows of love. Love yourself because the key to everything is unconditional love towards everything and everyone.

You can fight better with your inner demons when you remind yourself that you are the potential light of love, and you have the strength to control your emotions to help when necessary and get more help from those of us who are ready to help you.

Love your neighbor as yourself, on that depends the harmony between you all.

Love everyone incessantly that the light is already dazzling everywhere.

Love yourselves, love yourselves.

Joaquin, Jesus and others