Communication (from the guides): 1974-02-15.

 Place: Barranco, Lima - Peru.

 Antenna: Tell - Elam.


 What can we do to elevate ourselves?

 Each one must live sincerely with himself; Do not do what you should not and cultivate the fundamental values: LOVE, SIMPLICITY, HUMILITY, DELIVERY, SERVICE AND PEACE towards your fellow human beings. and Comply and forget about elevation, since it will come without seeking it, but doing all the good that must be done.


 In Morlen, does logic prevail?

 What is reasonable prevails for the majority. We have BREDAM, a different conception for the achievement of the masses in their personal and group missions. Each man needs to give and seek based on others, and also, the best of the group's mission.


 How should we act when faced with contacts?

 Act by teaching faith is the best for everyone, in humility, in the mission that exists to love us; in which you changed and became aware of a duty. The way everyone goes to the Profound is the main step.

 If you all share in that conception and live it and preach to everyone, those who understand will become more brothers; Those who do not will realize when they see the union and will feel sad to see that their existence is a deception and they themselves are empty. Living it yourself is the best way to preach.


 How does telepathy occur?

 Telepathic powers come when the mind and think positively. Try to communicate, dominate your mind, forget your worries, move your mind to the unknown, fly spiritually where He is, with whom you are going to talk; feel joy, feel desire. All this is the first and main step.


 The Path of Life?

 What your conscience dictates is the best path to follow in life. When you feel in the truth about yourself, that is, good with what you do and want, you will stop searching.

 The free man is one who coordinates only positive interests. Only oneself can help oneself. The evolving man creates and shapes the environment; He will shape and be the basis for the evolution of the new ones to come. Whoever wants to believe, let him create, those who do not believe are hard. 

 Evolution is within the reach of those who pursue it.

 The best guide is yourself and only by recognizing your mistakes you can Change.

 Misdirected feeling has selfish roots. Love is sincerity and service. Love is surrender, giving without waiting, receiving, protecting, and seeking the best for your brothers.

 Repeating is only good for those who want to understand, even the second time. When you realize humbly that every effort you make will be little and that you should not have just for yourself, but give and suffer for others.

 You will not act or rise if you do not change your way of being; honestly analyze yourself without seeing yourself better than you were; Only by suffering and recognizing will you get on track. Even rain can be caused in the desert, with faith, bravery and sincerity.

 Woe to those who deceive themselves and believe they are good, because they will not have time to change and start again. Explain honestly what you think; It will hurt them, they will separate from you, but what they recognize will return for the best.

 Seek and you will find, only each one can achieve it. Be humble, sincere with yourself and do not judge yourself, because only the Supreme judges how good or bad you are.

 Faith is the starting point to achieve any goal.

 Surround yourself with negatives and you will be capturing yourself spiritually.

Great obstacles make for a firm conscience.

 Meditating is diving deep into yourself. Elevation is something that is achieved with effort, faith, love and service, surrendering to Profound Love.

Whatever happens to you. In addition to what you find by luck, it will depend only on you.

 Everything that is said is based on something or it is not said.

Humility and sincerity are the only good things to cultivate.

 Serenity is necessary, but it does not imply sadness.

 They are all factors of mental power, if you want it and sincerely desire it.