December 23, 2023

 Arequipa, Peru

 Message received by: Alonso Calderón Vela


 Dear brothers, Great are the changes that Humanity is experiencing, intense processes that will lead you to experience a Great Spiritual Awakening that you can already feel, and that is the fruit of your work and dedication.

 2024 will mark the beginning of unique processes in your time. The WHITE BROTHERHOOD of your planet has focused its Work of Service to Humanity, to manifest the exteriorization of the interior retreats, and everything that has been guarded in them, taking a transcendental step in the delivery of the post to the WHITE BROTHERHOOD of the surface, that is, to HUMANITY, to each one of you.

 April will bring with it an unprecedented event, the Opening and Exteriorization of the INTERIOR RETREAT OF THE 7 LUMINARIES in Mexico, a Center of Power, which is a Great Cosmic Library, where one of the Solar Disks is found and which, since time immemorial, has been waiting for the human being.

 The conditions have been given, the call is made, we summon the Guardians of the Earth, those who came to Serve the Great Plan through love, to attend this call so that, in UNITY, they are the key that allows the materialization of the EXTERNAL JADE RETREAT, a sacred place, which together with the other exterior retreats that are in the process of formation, will play an important role in the ascension process of your world. The universe conspires in your favor, the portal connection with the higher planes opens on April 2, through which you will be able to further strengthen that timeline where a New World is possible, where humanity will guide the steps of many who wait for you.

 2024 will also bring with it a new connection with the WHITE BROTHERHOOD, 7 people will go representing many, you must gather from August 1 to 7, in the interior retreat of EL RONCADOR in Brazil, and thus generate a bridge of connection with the knowledge that still remains. hidden from Lemuria, and that it is necessary to reveal so that you understand more clearly and deeply your current processes, you will receive more information through different messages that will confirm the importance and significance of this journey.

 You will be able to see and feel the WHITE BROTHERHOOD very close to you, and through it, you will recognize your Origin, and you will reconnect with your Mission in a clearer and deeper way, remembering why you are here, and how important you are in the manifestation of a New World.

 You will feel the Planetary Spirit, the GREAT MOTHER, guiding your steps, and through her you will receive Confirmations of everything that will take place in these important and transcendental Meetings.

 We are with you in every moment, closer than you imagine, guiding you and learning from your Walk.

 With love,


 Representing the Confederation of Worlds.


2023 Dec 23, Peru. UFO validating communication