"The time will come when you will remember each one how it was that you were called to form Rama; each one will soon know his past path that has gotting him/her here."

More than 6000 years ago while the Sumerian Project was developing, after the destruction of Atlantis, this Project consisted of selecting a first group of humans to be instructed and as part of this plan, one hundred and forty-four extraterrestrial instructors landed in Mesopotamia, to gather people and start working with all of them; Rahma Mission emerged within the Council of the 24 Elders of our Milky Way, to contribute to the evolution of all the civilizations of the Galaxy, aid that extends to Merla; planet that when it reached its age cycle, would lead her to rise in the plane of evolution.

"As in a game of sounds, Rama had a vibration or cosmic key with particular frequencies and sounds, in which all those who intervened would harmonize, since 4,200 the key was being sought, that the mentor among other missions had attributed, and this vibration was found that would result in the love of “those in White Vestments.”

“Before the Ramas were born in this current incarnation they lived in the astral on the planets of the Confederacy where they received a different preparation that would temporarily forget, closing the locks of their mind and giving the keys to themselves, so that they had the opportunity that with their efforts would awaken by themselves, so that the Rama were born and will develop with obstacles or without them on their own merit ".

"There were many sessions of the Council of Minors, to dialogue and come to the true understanding of the importance of this work of galactic solidarity, We began by organizing the guides academies, seeing on the viewers and screens, the data of the Rama that would intervene, who were being observed in all of their lifes on the Earth plane, each one separately in the year 1100 B.C. in various places from the Red Sea, Persia and Iran to India, Mongolia and America. All potential beings paraded in front of that screen where the open spirits stood out and with the vibrating concordant key. Many would be called, but not only would it be enough to vibrate in Rama but to affirm spiritually, collaborating so that the energy of each one can increase in group reaching the white major planes, that is, achieve perfection by accepting the commitment to be a bridge and light of a joint path, ours and that of others ".

" The mission and this is worth its redundancy, revolves around the salvation of the human root and humanity of each one, by human beings who will fight for love and to evolve , against a system that can envelop them, against a selfishness that can blind them, against a comfort that will cloud their knowledge and power to glimpse eternal light


"On January 22, 1974 in Lima, Peru, the first telepathic message was received from an Extraterrestrial Guide: "... Good home room for communication, we can talk about UFOs in your country; My name is Oxalc, I'm from Morlen, Jupiter satellite, we can communicate later ... ".




The present role of activities has been discussed with the active instructors of the contact groups in Lima, Peru