The Intraterrestrial Masters

According to a message from Master Alcir, this is the true meaning of the word Master:

"Ma is the Earth, the Mother, the Home.

The Earth is not only the ground you walk on, but also what is under the ground." and what is in the heavens; all of this is part of the planetary structure.

We are talking about an ancient concept that you will surely remember having seen in Inca wisdom: Hanan Pacha, Kay Pacha and Uku Pacha. The three worlds of the Empire of the Sun Well, by breaking down the word Master in this way, we see that it would mean, Ma is three (Master), that is, that the Earth maintains a balance, where the number three in turn represents the three planes of preparation: the Physical, the Mental. and the Spiritual.

You will surely wonder what relationship exists in being a Master at the service of the Plan with what was previously explained.

Well, the true Master knows and respects the habitat he occupies, in this case the Earth. And when this is fulfilled, the Master merges with its true home, the Cosmos".

List of Intraterrestrial Masters: