Uruguay January 9, 2023
 Antenna: Excael- HarimRah
 Yes, Oxalc in support from the (space)ship in front of you, brother
 Beloved brothers, what can you tell us about planetary events, in nature, social changes and the release of information?  
 About the changes and events, in nature, even in the harshness that are manifesting, are the way that she is going to reorient her own programs towards the frame of frequency of the fourth dimension of transit.
 An event that will require many sources of radiation from the operational groups (groups of contact) and the temperance that knowledge of forms gives, the temperance that will be required in the face of the inevitable collapse of a limiting integral system (current structures), said events are being reprogrammed towards a frequency of embedding towards higher states.
 We remind you that nature works as an integral being and is transforming itself and thereby collapsing the vast majority of structures and systems supported by it and from your current life that no longer has space in a higher vibratory state than the one to which it is directed.
 As for the possible future events, they will depend absolutely on the orientation that the group of conscious beings shapes with their actions in meditation and constant irradiation.
 For now and for a while, the world scene will seem very confusing and complex to understand.
 Some parts of them manifest the great transition and metamorphosis that life on the planet is experiencing, others are part of the actions of those who try without success to stop it. 
 Brothers, the suggestion for you continues to be that you focus on constant meditation practices and irradiation, that we will be aware and willing to contact at different levels and dialogue.
 To your question we will tell you: this will be the year of the beginning of the great opening and integration with the cosmos on many levels.  Try to go on an outing on January 22 so that together we can celebrate the meeting, there will be many surprises suggested by the Hierarchies in all the places where you have arranged.
 Brothers, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the apparently uncertain world panorama, we remind you that you are the voice of hope and the true agents of the changes that are in your hands.
 Do not allow the interference of anyone who divides you, remember that you are brothers.  If this continues to happen, it will show the lack of inner work that encourages the self in the search for individual leadership.
 It is not the same to say that one works for the mission of humanity than to do it conscientiously.
 Trust in yourselves that unity implies understanding that each one is where he should be, which is his place. 
 Because that's where he/she fulfills his/her mission and only who knows it.