The offer of God to the Earth from the time of Genesis, appears before the Mission again makes its birth.

 This was presented in a strategic and masterful way where no one imagines, now another surprise will be fulfilled that should not catch you off guard, you are already on notice and you should be in charge of preparing the way, for this you have to weave it with the strongest and safest threads that are made up of Love and harmony.

 Consequently, harmony brings peace, trust, security and faith; and Love brings union, understanding and charity in indestructible eternal arms, that is why much is emphasized now about Love; there is your path; there you must arrive, since God is Love and Love is our future, the ideal and immediate thing to do, make our way and that this is not only you, but that it serves all your terrestrial brothers, along this path you must advance united with security, trust and faith.

 Do this that will bring about the realization of something that for some is described as impossible;  change the structure of our current world.
 Antar Sherat, 8-1-1976.