My name is Antar, Commander and Ship Technician at Morlen Crystal City Base on Ganymede, one of Jupiter where I come from.

 On this occasion we share the meaning of the word catastrophe but not as tragedies. Cadastre, evaluation, script, faith, that is, evaluation of faith.
 Brothers of the earth, the message is coming in many different ways and it is penetrating deeply into many people who are reacting and beginning to direct their lives towards the light and the planet towards hope.
 The world is not going to end, it is going to transform but from your own personal preparation.
 Life on earth is subject to a dynamic of change and continuous transformation, therefore catastrophes have always been and will continue to be as long as the human being is not fully aware of his internal potentialities.
 The mind is powerful but more so when it channels the energy of the heart, the transforming light of love.
 When a good part of humanity is able to vibrate in harmony, balance and hope, the planet itself will react with balance and stability.
 The future is a law of consequences, therefore prophecies and announcements of catastrophe are a projection of everything that has been programmed over millennia with wrong attitudes, words and thoughts.
 But as you know the prophecies have not been given to be fulfilled but not to be fulfilled.
 Humanity has the ability to reverse the future, but for this you have to believe it to create it.
 Universal laws teach that everything is mental and that everything vibrates.  This is that one can create what he believes and that the word is creative.
 For this reason our messages are categorical when pointing out possible calamities.  We insist that everything can happen but it does not necessarily have to happen.  It is a warning to correct.
 Know how to differentiate between our messages and the mentalisms that often lead us to dramatize our warnings and give them a definitive character when you allow yourselves to be carried away by impotence and discouragement.
Humanity is approaching a true registry of faith, in which your beliefs and convictions will be evaluated
 Every day things will be seen that have never before been seen or captured by your technology, thus proving many things and solving many of the so-called mysteries that plunged humanity into ignorance and superstition.
 And it is that the internal positive planetary government (White Brotherhood) has arranged for the release of information and knowledge to accelerate changes.
 The great nations will begin to recognize what was previously denied and with it the religious organizations will tremble.
 But the time is coming when that which had been hidden out of terror or convenience comes to light.
  The ships of the confederation will not only continue to manifest but will shock the countries, public opinion and governments, pressuring them and forcing them to react by releasing what was hidden.
 There will be climatic changes and many seismic movements, but we will try to mitigate their destructive effects.
 For your part, keep the work of irradiation to the planet through chains of concentration because this will contribute to balance and stabilize things.
 This has been happening for a long time, hence the changes that have occurred at the climatic level that are not only due to the greenhouse effect of the perforation of the ozone layer or environmental pollution.
 This had already been warned in the experiences of dimensional doors (Xendras) when we projected images of the planetary future, where we showed you the approach of more than one asteroid and comets endangering the earth and attracted like a magnet by human negativity.
 This was going to affect the planet gravitationally, generating a chain reaction and endangering all the nuclear weapons that are ready to detonate in their own silos.
 You well know that the only darkness you have to fear it is from your interior because it is what can make you lose and even the path.
 Only the presence of a large asteroid that is placed between the sun and the earth can produce hours of darkness, but not a zone prior to a photon belt through which the solar system is continuously transiting.
 Yes, it is true that you are approaching the group of the Pleiades, this is the product of the end of a cosmic cycle that has as its meaning a collective evaluation of this part of the galaxy.
Your planet has acted as a purifier for many psychic stages in the human being. Beings from one plane or another have come at different levels of consciousness to dwell on your earth, some to teach, others to serve, some to learn, others to cleanse their karmas of past lives, others to ennoble the planet and some as true foci irradiation through major missions from the booster centers.
 Your world has been a space open to light for the progress not only of the planet but also cosmic because where a body raises its vibration and radiates more light, other bodies benefit from the ascension because this is expansion of consciousness.
 The earth is one of the most interesting and important evolutionary centers in the galaxy where a great work of universal repercussion is now being generated.
 Hence our presence and our ships established in bases on the moon, submarines, intraterrestrial and orbiting around the planet.
 Changes in the world will occur in the current relationships and roles occupied by religious leaders and large governments that will progressively lose authority while movements and leaders will emerge that will make a new positive orientation with hope in unity and integration and all that is good it may happen and the bad thing will cease to be because you will be working for it.
 The Master(Jesus) is approaching your world, so it is not strange that you feel his presence strongly in your meditations and various meetings, as well as other elevated entities.
 Purify your mind and soul so that you not only live physical experiences but also and fundamentally spiritual ones.
 Know that you are not alone, you have never been and even less so now that you are experiencing great changes.
 Love and peace