Communication from Ham Rell

Date: July 29, 2022

Antenna: HellAham 
 Love in the light
  The moment that humanity lives today is part of the plan of total domination of the world that the darkness carries out.
  In appearance, the evil forces are advancing on the freedom and well-being of human beings, but in reality they are seeking to speed up time so that their plans do not fail.
  This is so because the unity of criteria among themselves has cracked and from there divergences and even confrontations have arisen, thus repeating once again what has already happened on the cosmic plane.
  Suspicion and distrust added to the ambition to keep everything under control makes their agenda ineffective when they want to achieve it.
  In the remainder of this year 2022 you will see unequivocal signs of these events that will be revealed as contradictions, defections and different clashes between factions.
  All this will indicate that the failure of their plans is near.
  For its part, the light will strengthen those who have not given up, because they will be the ones who, now more than ever, must bring that light to the millions of blind souls.
  That strengthening coming from the spiritual spheres will be present in all those who are awake, to guide them and in turn guide others, since they still have to pass tests on the path of redemption as a species.
  Because in their desperation the dark forces will deploy all their ingenuity to want to deceive and annul them, that's why in that test only the heart will make them see and distinguish what is true from what is false.
  Stay in common unity, strong and confident in the triumph of light.
  With love,
   Ham Rell, from the Temple of Ankar