Communication from Anawui

Date: 7/16/2022

Place: Chapel of the Lord - Argentina

Antenna: Ecxael- HarimRah

 I am the Mother ANAWUI who sees everything and feels my beloved sprouts from the seeds of the new dawn.
 I am the source that nourishes the thirsty, my Beloved daughters and sons who are returning to garments of blue brilliance.
  You are my own eyes, You, my feet, my arms, my perfumes that flow when your hearts feel.
 Now that the rocking of the compass of time and its needles indicate the time to manifest my Voice and Song, in your sweet hearts, my melody that flows inside like a river of renewal in the encounter.
 I ask you my loves;  Keep up the laughter and the dances that undress the beauty of being, where I Am!
 You understand my drops of sweetness, that I need you to spill the honey of tenderness, from the velvet of your hearts that, like shining stars, shone until creating the Sun that illuminated the space where you have gathered, as brothers, as the children of this Mother that longs for your awakening to the Feelings.
 I tell you that resistances are fears of being and believing that you cannot be in me.
  I ask you;  What are you ashamed of?  Perhaps I have not given you all the time, possibilities and opportunities to try the changes that are a Means of God the Father for you to return to Me.
 The book has been written with letters of Love, drops of the perfume of brotherhood and equality.
 What more can a mother ask of her loving children?
 How much joy in My being, in the forest of my own eternity from where vitality flows when returning to Love.
 Now your challenge, My Loves, is to keep said feeling alive like a bonfire that needs the firewood that nourishes it, the warmth of the pulse of your United hearts will be what will maintain it.
 Remember;  How the children have behaved, and overcome the fear of being free and without prejudice, pure of heart! 
 Because I am your Mother ANAWUI in you, in My Humanity