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Antena: Ecxael - Harim Rah

Date: 5/29/2020 

Brothers; About  the guardians of time, it is not their function to worry about justice. But for the instants and moments determined by the centuries and the Circumstances derived from the evolution of events.  

The time being of your plane, is subject to the decisions, consequences with their results. Each individual in it has a measure of time synchronic to his learning process, form and framework where he recreates.  

The learning period conceived within the framework of Space and time is subject to the expression of low vibratory frequency according to the material mentality of the being. The amplitude of the spaces is subject to the virtue that creates the expansion or limitation that is subject to error or carelessness. They are a link Created by the judgment of the Lords of Karma or Guardians of Destiny. 

Brothers, The lines of time are defined by the diapason and alternations subject to time and space limited by the consciousness of it or expanded by it. According to the vibratory frequency and magnetic rotation, the guardians of time observe the chronological clock of those they guard, because they lost the relationship with theirs. They cannot see their reflection in the mirror of the material creation. The Guardians only fulfill their task , to guard , to observe as the watchman without feelings , they do not know love . " They do not steal the stealable ". For the guardians of time , there is no future that is the power of the being of this humanity to create it .  

For the human being , there is only the instant day composed of fragmented moments and instants that together create the " Illusion of time ".

They can not prevent you from dying by mistake , this happens when the spiritual being , in the material , is trapped by another space , inside of your time , but in another sphere of frequency . The payment for their service is eternity, which for the material spiritual being would be a sentence. Whose price is not feeling love.  

Freedom does not exist for a guardian of time, since he spends the night in intermediate spheres. Fulfilling directives Trapped by the eternal instant. In material experience there is time as a means, but not with an end. Since he himself is subject to the decisions of the material minds that he believes he knows the freedom to choose, believing that they can do so with the limited understanding of time that the material-minded being possesses. That he perceives reality according to his mental state, interpreting freedom according to that state and his interpretation.  

Freedom is choosing to Feel! Only in this way can time lines be modified, freeing the being from the limitation and slavery of his mental interpretation, his prison. The Emotional being of material mentality is trapped in drops of time, because he conceives the limit and thereby creates the limitation.  

The liberation of time is achieved by those who transcend it, escaping from the illusory state of the material mentality, opening up to feeling. Where space and time do not exist. And the guardians cannot operate, since their linearity is his own prison. They do not know fear, they do not feel. They do not know the limit , that is why they are trapped in eternity , without a drop of love and feelings .  

Brothers ; Now you will discover the wonderful experience of being human, subject to the apparent temporary limitation of time and space. Now understand that Nobody should live forever, losing the opportunity to learn to be born, live and die, Love , colors of the moments that can temporarily offer you to feel , sensations leading to the wonderful opportunity to feel and Love . That is to manifest the unlimited and can only be done by the true guardians of the "Times" the being of your Humanity. That they take away from the guardians of time, an instant of their eternity.  

The being of the material plane is the only one that can create an extension of it, when it connects with the source, the essential matrix. Where linear time does not exist , the possibility and expansion are given by the pulse of the energies that , when manifesting the intention of being , dilute the apparent and illusory conceptual limit of time and space .  

The silence of the mind, I will open a door to consciousness. There is the key that connected with the feeling, there will be all the doors inside the being. It's always Now, when you feel it's now, it will be! When the perfume of feeling is manifested, love will break down all the borders, which are not outside.  

Those limits imposed by him and the learning processes of the temporary being . That there will be a perception of reality disconnected from the mentality manipulated by the Lords of the Shadow, who have created a reality deviated from the interpretation of a feeling that they do not know. So are the Guardians caught guarding time.  

The truth depends on the time and spiritual maturation of those who begin to know it, silence its custody.  

I am Elder Anur with you.  

Peace for all