Date: 2021-01-15
Antenna: Harim Rah
Place: Uruguay

I am your Planetary Mother. That speaks to you, In search of your reflection and memories of that origin where you played with the tide of the sensations of immersing yourself in the ocean of My universe.

Remember your childhood, many centuries ago, to be able to dazzle it, feel it and visualize it in your hearts.

And here are the memories; Recover the magic of the beautiful dream of Spiritual youth. When participating in the world was a promise of offered opportunities my children. Remember..join the lessons ahead with the broad spectrum vision of the spaces that I have given you. The time to look back and reestablish communication with the unheard messages, the words of the ancestors, taken with the lightness of early evolution. Understand and learn from the memories that I gave you, since each particle of life in my house contains the information you need now. And it will be necessary until each one returns in joy to the source and spring where I always wait for YOU.

I am your Planetary Mother who asks for your attention, in this circus of frustrations and distractions in which you have participated. The priesthood must subdue the friendly warrior of inner conflict. The greatness of being must be superior to pride, which does not allow you to be. The call is being made deep within each one. We must once again navigate the waters of realizations where I am and I stay. Ride the steed of Faith and Hope in your humanity, do not give yourself space to frustrations and those sent by darkness. Take the bow and the arrow, and direct it to the center of the nature of your being and jump into the abyss of resolution and decisions. Jump down the slide that leads to the maze and the guardian of the mysteries of the circle. Without tricks, the truth is reached, with and for them it was that communication with My Spirit was interrupted.

This happened when some beings were allowed to access great knowledge about the vital forces of my kingdoms and they administered it for their benefit and not for the Common Good.

I am your Mother who speaks to your heart, feel my voice that asks you ; release the inner child gagged by the affliction of not being.

Your eternal search has been to free him from the unnatural that is to live in fear and confusion of not remembering it.

Free your inner child from appearances, trapped by the structures and dense energies of "What will they say?" Here I am before your hearts with a drop of the Ruby of My heart for that one, the one who will be there to receive it in joy and light NOW in this INSTANT.

Now is the time for the thief to return what was stolen, the honest one to recover his dignity and the right one to free himself from his apparent sanity.

The good one to stop playing a role that exposes him internally, the wrong act to ask himself what is the pain or guilt that distracted him from himself. The masks will be melted by the embracing heat of the Love of My humanity.

The darkness illuminated by Consciousness and denial my children will be cured by the recognition that all are and belong to My Love without distinction. Then you will discover that it is in the shelter of my tenderness and perfume where the aromas of My nature will be recognized by those of Blue and Platinum radiance clothing. Each one already possessed what he needed to possess. Perhaps you are tired of being dominated by desires of instinct, voids that remind YOU to again feel... me. For you to integrate to my kingdoms no money is needed, this is what you need to buy something. You only need to feel me and Wherever the pure feeling emerges ... I will be there!

I am the Woman with a thousand eyes and faces, but you will know me when the son or daughter returns to my lap for my warmth, perfume and fragrance Enveloping your being.

I Am in You All!