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Communication from Joaquin
Date: May 16, 2020
Place: Tampere, Finland

You are here because you have been summoned by the highest.

Everything happens when you are ready, and you are ready to receive.

It depends on you how much you give yourself to receive the desired.

And it is the same as always that is ready to be given from those that have given their entire life of redemption so that all of you enjoy what is to come.

Brothers fast together more and the doors of power will give way to the doors of knowledge.

Brothers love!, that heaven is nothing but your source that like the water stream is willing to give everything for what is wanted and longed for.

Love brothers and sisters, that material power is nothing but darkness giving the most that can to change towards the negative.

And power must give way to the wisdom of all who have given their lives for others.

Love each other brothers, love each other.



Note: translated from Spanish where hermanos (brothers) means brothers and sisters