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Message from Amin Tah, Custodian and Regent of the Love Book of the White Vestments

Place: Montevideo, Uruguay
Date: September 29, 2015 
Antenna: Exael - Harim - Rah

When the distraction seeks answers born of complex charity, you will only find your shadows rehearsing the character, that all moments distract you from the actor, the play and the sense in which it was created. Where you will find hope if not in feeling.

Beloved of the highest, descend into the beauty that awaits you huddled behind the desecration of being. Wraps of the instant called karma. And the soul cries, clamors for the light of the original truth dressed in Blue Mercy that it longs for. It is the cold of forgetting the divine that made you lose yourself.

To return is to retrace, to return to the same journey with a new, luminous step, full of space, that one day locked up the child, the innocence of the genuine being, alive not by walking but by conscience. Walk androgynous creation through the path of equality, male with feminine feeling, woman with masculine power, different and equal, are those of Blue feeling, complements of the maker of Christic Faith, who in the kiss of the spirit are reconciled with the abandonment and searches. Loving among shared solitudes, in the sea of ​​tempests of emotions.

Who will return lighting the blue path when the Eagle takes off? Who among you will hold the faith when the will falters? Who will carry the staff and by example guide a new flight, as the destiny of this humanity, reconciled with forgiveness, to places full of colors, perfume of crystalline waters, where the soul will awaken and live? You will live and we will live in every new shoot of creation.

Then everything will have made sense and the great secret of what we were, are and will be when you recover the memory of the mother molecule, love, will return like the river to its renewed channel to the sea of ​​eternity from which it emanated. And the elves of creation will dance, the fairies with their tender lights will illuminate the spiritual night of humanity and there will be no pain, the sanity of love and to love will prevail. "

Amin-Tah And Sofiel in peace.