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Day: 03-25-2020 Time: 9 p.m.

Thank you all.
I put to good use in you my sharing:
Carry out in these special times that we live, a Group meditation, from our homes and knowing that there are brothers in the same condition there with us, allows us to enter this connection confidently knowing, from the heart, that there is the light linked between us ...

Date: 03/24/2020
Place: Magdalena
Group: San Miguel Mental Community
Antenna: Amarelac

"The ways are different, while the heart progresses clean.
Great tests passed, and , a better time will come. "..
.."The light of this time will illuminate many, ... opening now their minds and spirits, facing the event created ... of man himself. ".
.." Always be guided by your work in light.
Always meditate frequently.

Joaquín with you "..

.." Families are healing 1 to 1 at today's change and the greatest achievement depends on the seed of love left ... We all fulfill, and it depends on each one understand. "
"The Great teaching of Gaia will serve, ... so that other worlds, including, reconsider, their evolution" ...
"This wave of love generated, provides the cosmos, A necessary Greater Violet Energy, ... as an activator."
"We are generating Love, to radiate Love ...
Love, without fear
Love, without pain
Love, in the Spirit
Love, in the custody
Love, in action ...
It is the power of the Plan in you and all Plan of Love, is born alone, from a humble and true Simple Heart


Communication: 2020-03-25
Place: San Miguel, Lima, Peru
Antenna: Amiraim
Time: 9 pm

Here your brothers in Mission
Give yourselves the opportunity to feel conscious of this new dawn Enter in silence through meditation to contact with your essence and through yourself in contemplation with the ALL


Working group: Sumaq Songo Guadalupe
Day: 03-25-2020 Time: 9 p.m.

1. What work can we Rahma groups do together in the context of this pandemic to transmute its negative effects?
2. What is the positive sense and learning that we must achieve from this pandemic?

Antenna: Al Saec

Yes we are your Guides on Mission:

Humanity has great potential to reverse pandemics and we are not only talking about their scientific knowledge so full of honest love, but about the forces that make you meet each being human from within.

You have made us perceive how you are capable of being strong where it is necessary to consolidate the spiritual energy: the home.

We advise you to persevere in the light and discover yourself within, to reinforce your meditations, culminate the awakening of consciousness and acquire the seal of these times marked by the exercise of love, forgiveness and will.

We recently talked to you about cultivating hope not as a longing that the past will return, but as the measure of the inner being and to face your challenges with dedication to the plan.

Hope makes them go back to being the same by being different, finding yourselves and eliminating the fears that overwhelm you. Stay united in a mental community that is what this moment is for.

Thirty days will pass and then another thirty more for humanity to recover and renew its productive forces, security in the present and strategies to cope with all events that confront you.

Rahma will be the path of one and a group that will be duly prepared in temperance, without forgetting that behind the pandemic it is about fighting the fires of the viruses of gossip, false spirituality and pain or nostalgia for old orders and ways of activating within groups.

You will have to reunite in groups in a different way, otherwise it will not make sense to return, since the trials will multiply in the following years and will require souls forged in the embers of the solitude, which is where the true walker of light is born.

23 is the key to these times. Reveal the meaning of what we have given you before to link with this vibration.

With love.


Erjabel from the mothership:

Our doctors have been on the ground for a long time to prevent the pandemic and other diseases from being too cruel.

The work of these incarnated physicians who are now luminaries of human science is to arrange the balance between the forces of good and evil so that you, the human guides beings, are the unit that reverses planetary processes towards evolution to the fifth dimension.

Antenna: Leillam

We are your Mission Guides: All Rahma groups have the tools to protect and strengthen, to transmute into positive. You have to apply from the deepest that every human being has, from the heart to the heart of the neighbor and to the heart of Gaia, and to the heart of Mother Nature, the ruler of the planet, Merla.

Connected from heart to heart, you will be one through the great energy network.

Work with the three planes: physical, mental, and spiritual, in that order.

Physical: healthy food, consuming magnesium will give you strength against all ills.
Mental: positive thinking that strengthens our clear, direct and concrete discernment.
Spiritual: sensitize, sharpen the senses, the ability to forgive from the heart, be love, radiate everything around you to the smallest creature, although you do not believe it, they have a function, because they also have their being and are present here and now, at this time.


Brothers, this will pass and everything will have an order, a balance and a rhythm at the end of this pandemic. Fear not, you will be tested to further improve your preparation to the fifth dimension. You will leave history for the youngest of all this learning after this process. You will know how to face with more certainty, produced by the experiences that you yourself produced. In it there will be more spiritual work in humility, knowledge and better treatment of anyone. Do not stop working with the quartz stones, it generates healing to planet Earth. You have done well before, do not stop doing it.

Your brother, the eldest of the elders, will give you a guideline for us informing that all the Rahmas will have to apply it for an advance that brings you closer to us.

Just do what is good to work.


Radiate the planet at all times, today and forever.


Communication: 2020-03-26
Place: Hogar Cd. De México
Antenna: Yazekyma Time: 7:27 am

Meditation is an important tool that will give you the tune between dimensions. Your Merkaba will guide you to understand the best way to act between the physical world and the spiritual world; It is necessary to support the brothers who are still close to awakening.

You are already more advanced, and it is your duty to guide them, because the darkness makes all more vulnerable to being objects of slavery, and it is necessary not to allow again what eons ago happened, because it is time to make way for the transition to the fifth dimension.

You have something that, as an advantage, will help you in your elevation of consciousness, and that is called "Love".

Question: How to convince those who have no idea what is the awakening of consciousness?

Very simple, it is not about convincing, because you are the example. Just remember how a child is taught to walk. It is with perseverance, patience, love and example that you give you that security; but above all the certainty that yes he can walk, but alone?

Question: How will we strengthen our immune system in the face of this Pandemic?

With the clarity of your thoughts, putting aside the garbage, which only accompanies you to make inappropriate decisions. And, to keep your mind clean, nothing is more positive than Conscious Breathing.

With love.