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Date: Jan 27, 2020

Place: Tampere, Finland



Brothers and Sisters we are together to perform the task that is not of today but of always.

And you are willing to listen to the advice we have always given you. And it is to help humanity that expects you to stand with your feet on the ground and your heart blessed by the Father.

To be able to give more to others than as you expect from your holiness that is on the way to the light.

It is up to you that the path is given  in no hurry or contagion since the good you have can change overnight if you do not rush to make the final change.

And it is to give yourselves completely to others.

That as you are looking for help from above but it is up to you to give it from below, on earth.

My beloved, love each other as I have always loved you.

Love yourself, that sin is but a proof of the redeemer (our Higher Self) towards you who are on the path of cleansing toward something better.

Love my brothers and sisters as I have loved you.

In the blood of the redeeming Christ are your answers. It is of love towards others unconditionally.

Love my brothers and sisters as I have loved you.





Note: "Brothers and Sisters" translation from the spanish word "Hermanos"