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Feb 8, 1974

Who can be a member of Rahma:

A- Every human being (without any social, economic, political, racial, etc. barrier) is in a position to be part of the Rahma Mission, with the sole provision that the he/she request entry.

B- "You should not seek to convince anyone, specially your own relatives. Experiences and confirmations will be given only to those who with the mental openness, and the necessary humility, present themselves or reach any of you, willing to commit themselves, because they already  believed this and were in the evolutionary age, age of understanding and just waited for the seclusive call. Be aware that a submissive faith is not expected in the work to be carried out, let alone in us or in our existence, since it does not have so much importance because our presence is an evident and demonstrable reality.

It is intended to find people who know how to find the underlying aspect, the reason for our appearance on the planet and can understand it without preconceptions. People of young spirit are needed, who believe that they can start every day again, from scratch if necessary; people who are willing to discard all of the above and rethink their life, the priorities of existence and the true value of things. People who know how to distinguish mirages from reality and who living in the world do not belong to it or share its rot. We are not looking for quantity of people, but quality of people.

If you give us your friendship, we will know how to reciprocate, sharing with pleasure our responsibility to develop the mission of orientation of humanity, as well as assure you of our help and support in the face of difficulties that may arise. Finally know that the mission will fall entirely on man, because this is your plane of evolution and you must evolve with him and answer for him .. "