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Date: 2019-11-17 

Place: Uruguay

Antenna: Harim Rah


Erjabel from the Columo Ship

Brothers, understand that your real learning is subject to mental intercommunication and link to the one that is involved daily with its Consequences. That is why meditation is essential as a tool for mental strengthening and emotional balance that will open for you the fields of perception and observation.

Each individual has a program of events defined as an inherited scheme, cause and effect that is manifested in Information at different internal levels, embedded in the vortices called chakras and the references of said fields, in the gland system.

The activation of these programs is subject to a series of events to be experienced as learning in earthly experiences. Moments that will flow between sadness and joy, pain and happiness, denial and acceptance. And coexistence will be the means to activate these light programs, from the inner spiritual spheres to the DNA or cell body.

The invisible interaction with other mental forms, people are the ones that define the attitudes and they are the way to affirm the schemes and programs or modify them, this will be subject to the atomic weight that has created the influences of the limiting inheritances that express their manifestation in your actions dressed as fears in different expressions, doubts, closed mentally and emotionally with its consequences.

Rage, frustration, fear, discouragement the path to depression that is generated by binding and emotional situations that, when not interpreted, collapse the mind that is frustrated and closes it.

The possibility of realizing that such situations observed from a POSITIVE perspective could be the means to Change and Modify attitudes. Brothers; Each one is positively or negatively influenced in the integration from their auric fields and the influence of electromagnetic bodies, mental patterns weakened by drinks, cigarettes, drugs and especially by Psychologically negative influence that like a sound box affects emotional and sexual creating In the interior a light system or magnetic field, deflections defined as, magnetic imbalance or dispersion of energies will understand how important it is to observe and give your trust to those who deserve it.

The greatest light agent of protection is there in your hearts and feeling. Whatever you do, do it with love and your whole being will create a powerful magnetic radiation field that will emanate from your hearts and naturally envelop and protect you from all negative influence. Wherever it comes from and for the purpose that has been sent there. It is in the flow of living energies that there are all the answers you need, for this you must understand that you will not find it by observing the stars, but closing your eyes and listening and feeling again.

We know who deserves the responsibility to commit to the contact experience and its true purposes. Your true contact will always be with yourselves. We are traveling companions, twinned in this wonderful experience and the great opportunity to learn and continue perfecting ourselves.

With love,