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Date: 2003-06-04

Antenna: Mishraelam


The activation of the Trine Flame in you is a reality. The solar codes have been activated and in conjunction with the work with the Solar Disk, your consciousness will awaken.


The Xolar Christ consciousness will be reached by those servers who, in constant work of introspection and channeling of cosmic energies and your sun, achieve an alignment and activation of all your energy vortices to the great Central Manasic Sun of the Galaxy.
From there, signals and archetypes are sent to work with full awareness awake in the great secret and hermetic work of working with mirrors.

Cosmic mirrors align with terrestrial ones and individuals who officiate as mirrors must capture in meditation and irradiation these sacred symbols, sent from Consciousness One and captured by terrestrial and cosmic Xolar individuals and beings, belonging to the Secret Network of Mirrors.

The Solar Disk captures this subtle and powerful energy and you, with the activation of the Replicas in conjunction with it, perform the work of radiating the secret symbology by awakening the Consciousness of Humanity.

Activate fully your initiations, mainly your crystals. Catch the symbols in communication and meditation and write them down. Interpret them later, deciphering the message that arrives implicitly.

Each ideogram is a symbol that illustrates and gives you light on the History of Humanity. You will receive and analyze, share and collate the information.

San Ramón hopes that those who arrive there will activate the planted replica connected to the Sacred Solar Disk of the Lake ...

… The Light in your Light Bodies is born at a higher octave from the full activation of the Christ Light Codes. Through that Light, your consciousness will rise to the seventh dimension. The Lake Retreat is involved in such activation. Lemuria is the connection.

In the Love of Christ, your Teachers,

(ALCIR and SOROMEZ, 04-06-03)


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