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Date: 2019-04-25 
Place: Tampere, Finland


Beloved brothers


You have to clear more the mind that has you stunned by preconceived ideas, and thus be able to discern more what has been received.


You have to get ahead with yesterday's work.  You must expedite those outcomes of tomorrow that have always been to awaken the minds and hearts of those who have not yet been able to discern what has come and will come.


Haste the steps brothers, and it is time to love incessantly.  Everyone has a job to give and do so that the kingdom, of those who have always had love, come.


Now you can keep in mind that what was decided and requested have already been given and you have to do even more.  The request is the unconscious love worked towards a more pure and precise end since time occurs non-stop.


 Today you have the tools you need to make the change.


 Decide brothers and be determined now.


 Love incessantly.  The times are now.


 You must work as requested, giving love where you can, and do it incessantly.


 Love each other.