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August 16, 2018 at 6:27 AM

Antena- Harim Rah 

8/8/2018 - Colón - Uruguay 


The book of secrets  and their questions wait for the breezes of eternity to measure in your awakening children of the Solar pearl, slowly and smoothly the leaves of your memories, which now must be written, should be measured.  They have been prisoners of the ignorance of an experience and purpose of liberation, now the prisoner is the custodian of the one who captured him, in this hour of transcending, and Synchronizing himself with the elixir of Love and conscience.  


The true purpose of a plan that whispers in the ear of the heart the eternal question?  Who will dare to sit in the glass chair of happiness?  To redeem yourself?  To shine in the hour of truth and unveil the brightness of the inner rainbow in the kingdom of Purity without equal, and be able to illuminate in the cascade of light, where the ugliest will be the most beautiful, where the Mother that sees everything , have her eyes closed and the flower of purity manifests as her feeling and that only opens to the purified heart. 


You begin a long goodbye to street experiences and inheritances of everyday life.  To discover that the gold and its shine are under the ice of the heart that had cooled.  The best life is in the law written on it and the benefit of feeling it.  The wall opened because you found the keys in your smiling heart!  A journey that has always awaited and that will take you to the Ancients of the Stars to learn to shine with your light and knowledge. 


You will discover that it was the eternal game of mind and self, which had created the storm of passions and the trap between your form of love and true Love.  Observed by the 9 and their eyes of truth and your feeling.  Tuning of love and the sense of touch will return you to the path of the burning desire to be a Christic Being!


Each one has created their own events, their path, the focus and the authority to want without limits to dilute for a moment in the celestial immensity.  The ocean of Love without limitations to discover the secret door that eradicates controversy and conflict to reveal the true mystery.  


To Be-We-All-One because that is how the creative light propagates in this plane.  They were the detective by mistake, chasing themselves, for trying to kiss Nature's girlfriend!  It's me !  The Golden-winged Mother, Bearer of the keys of Hope and Redemption in a world that pursues her, who hides her because fell in love with need. 


I remember you ; That Each one is his own avatar, His own creator, His maker, His Redeemer, the last knight who carries the sword of transformations. 


Look at the deep horizon that underlies the jungle of your being.  You are the traveler of your own realizations bearing its key, and its decisions.  Serenity to learn to discover the magic of friendship, and to be.  


Love your triple identity, recognize your Spirit, Recognize your Mind, Recognize your Matter!  To acquire your own Mastery.  That was the knot to unleash, and message to reveal that each one would carry.  


Learn from the Sacred Legacy and feel the man of the Golden Heart, who made it shine for Love and expanded it without limits through the Universes.  Hit the madness of the sane ones with the sanity of feeling and deciding, assume to be part of the Order of Silence and those of impeccable clothing to discover yourself .... 


Love, Understanding and Tolerance!  Because those are the true keys of the Mission!  


I am the Mother Cecea the spirit of the Madre de Dios (Paititi in Peru)!