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Date: 2015, April 17
Place: Henderson Nevada, US


Hello brothers, we are here wishing you to work endlessly.  Exhaustion is a luxury that is given to those who do not know how to work with the proper adjustment of what is necessary to make the machine work properly.


It is about having more confidence in your work that is daily and you will have to engage in the annual work of December that will give you more guidance so that you align your bodies with the divinity that is approaching to give you more help and support to what is already glimpsing.


And it is to take the lost reins that you have always committed.  You have to get up and work together with your brothers who are eager to help you take your awakening step.


And you will be given more tools that you need for awakening, the awakening is not only of you but of all humanity.  Keep in mind that everything is that easy.  You will only have to follow the path you have drawn from yesterday.  Have confidence in yourself.  The work is daily and is about manipulating your desires to channel them towards a common good.


Pray more often that this brings you peace and the peace of mind you will manifest in the attitude you will have as you approach to do more work.  He who is worldly, and prepares you for the next step of awakening family.


You already have the keys to start this work.  Pray in communion with others and you will have more results.  The greats of yesteryear were given for their vocation towards a common goal.  And this time the common goal is that of family awakening followed by communal awakening.

Be confident in what you do.  Have confidence, my brothers.  The awakening is here.


I pray for you.