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April 1, 1999

Shasta, California, US


You can and should do what you have been asked, is to be together working endlessly for the good of humanity.  It's that simple without complications, the work is given to you so that what comes from above is fulfilled with everyone's help.

It is the duty to clean channels at all levels, that of conscience is one of the channels, the other is that of feeling since without feeling what is to be given is not fulfilled.

And it is a lot, remember that it was not always like that, you were once helped in many ways and now you have to be at the front so that what you have committed of yesteryear is fulfilled.

Do not despair that help is given, this is how simple the job is, you want to have changes everywhere but the change begins in self and only when it has been given then more is given so that you can move forward on the path.

The work is that simple, communicate with all of you that the work is yours for you and for the world.

You have to support each other more often.




Love each other brothers that the time has come to do more and to continue loving the work that man has taken so long to accomplish.  Love work and yourself.

With love,



You have to relax more, you don't need egos but people who have confidence that they can do the job and you can do it, now and forever.



Love and trust, love and trust that your desires will be fulfilled, you have already had our promise to help you in what is needed.

With love and forgiveness for God so that his mercy reaches all corners of the earth.

Peace and love and good will to men on earth and my brothers of mine.



You have to finish what you started a long time ago, now is the expected time of yesteryear.  Love one another as I have loved you, my beloved children, that the sky is covered with lights everywhere.

To love that is the usual key.

Love and they will be given everything.



You already have the key you need.


You have to be happy that you are here supported by all, there are many energies that you do not realize.  You are helping to awaken what has been asleep in you for a long time since the planet felt the task to be given but hoped that the workers are here with her so that cleanliness is given at all levels of consciousness, physically, humanly, and  material so that the desired goal is to be achieved, that of having a healthy mind and body on earth at all levels of consciousness, in order to be ready for the new millennium of wisdom and brotherhood. 

What are you waiting for?  The doors are now open and just waiting for the usual guests.

Work hard, brothers and sisters, that this outing is important for the development of World Peace.  Work in peace.

Peace be with you and always.

Love each other a lot.



44 is the desired key but not yet conquered.  Learn to love, humanity needs another key to follow, that of humanity is 33.

Take into account the numbers given to you.  33 for the work of humanity.  44 for work with you.

With love.