Antenna: Exael- HarimRah

"Then the Great Mother Isis whispered to me: You who would speak for me, The Goddess, tell them,

Those who seek Peace and the sacred messengers who accompanied me from Orion.

It was in the previous era that they, walked among you. And they were confused with the tangle woven by dissidents and that today they are called to remember. Your spirit does not need to awaken, it always was and will be, what you need is to awaken your conscience and be able to act on consequences. 

Never offend the appreciated and different expressions of The Great Mother with attitudes that are not inherent to this present. Review the scriptures engraved within you and you will know why it is necessary to remember.

And whose purpose is to get out of the trap called the past and restore an order in the present. What you were, if you observe yourself, is manifesting, the ancient writings of the old being. Known today, you need to reveal its real meaning to which it leads you as an element of liberation from the bonds that have trapped you in concepts and beliefs."

Those who seek the consolation of Eternity will be able to navigate down the river in search of the same. Dare to cross the portal and sacred entrance of ISIS, work to reach the arms of calmness and peace from it that awaits you in the halls of decisions.

But first you will have to confront what you were, discover it and dare to transmute the consequences of what you discover. Let them guide you to the entrance, there are the answers you are looking for, trust. Shake your hands as a sign of trust in each other.

It is the only way to prevail yourselves. The true internal portals are willing by your nature and creation to be opened, but first you will have to humbly assume to stop the organic portals manipulated by your needs and protagonisms that make you unconscious agents of those who manage the forces of nature and lower manipulation that take your egregores and use them to create manipulation and division. 

Then the Great Mother ISIS whispered;

Light the fire of the Passion of the true servant, may it burn you so much that you ask for the water of knowledge to calm the cry of your spirit. Love simple nature, be and become like children at heart. Do not allow your mind to drown out its voice and light once again. See them as brothers in my eyes, and in mine, Be humble, serene and affable in the face of decisiveness and intolerance that are the expressions of the self and of those who need to impose their reasons, showing their limitations.

Love so much that there is a trace of what they were. The weapons against the darkness that attacks from within you is Love for the Community and Brothers to understand that others do not exist, that everything Is and Will always be Unity.