2022-09-15 Communication:

 Place: Xolar Meeting;  Lynx, Lima – Peru.
 Antenna: Argur - Ma 
  Yes, we are your brothers on mission to guide and support your evolution.
  Dear brothers and sisters, be aware that your preparation is as important as your predisposition and interior openness, if you do not open yourself, you will not be able to witness what is behind the veil of the physical.
  You need to work on your awareness, in whose practices you have already learned (They refer to the 24 practices), it is necessary to recount that knowledge for your preparation.
  We suggest that during the week you harmonize (activate) your four upper chakras: Heart, Laryngeal, Third Eye and Coronary, which are vital centers for your extrasensory and psychic development, do this during the mornings or when the Sun is at its climax.
  It is also necessary that you reconnect with the Earth, taking at least 10 minutes a day to walk barefoot, strengthening your connection with the planetary spirit.
  You can also spiritually connect with a tree by meditating on it.  Since the initiation of the "Crystal Heart" is scheduled for those who lack it, it is therefore necessary that you strengthen your connection with it.
  Alkalize your bodies and receive energies, as this will help prepare your body for the contact that has been pending for a long time.
  Take a break from all means of communication, so that you mentally detoxify yourself, and take advantage of rereading communications to raise your mental frequency.
  Your activities should focus on optimizing your group cohesion, achieving the exact harmony and balance, so that everyone is in tune and in sync.
  A reunion with us awaits you, to the extent that you take your preparation and conditioning prior to departure, together with your spiritual development, seriously;  because that will depend on the achievement of the tasks.
  We put our faith in you, it only takes some effort, dedication and discipline in your lives, so that this will also help you to face your daily trials.
  You have already lost a lot of time in accentuating your differences, and not in finding your coincidences and similarities, making egos and faults prevail more, but not in your hearts and qualities.
  It is necessary, now resume the rhythm, and try to summon those who feel the call.
  It is never too late to grow and improve yourself, all part of your own will;  it is in your hands.
  The experiences will be by personal merit, because it is in the self-selection that finally defines what may or may not be.
  In the "practice of self-control" which must now be oriented towards contact, so that you get used to our presence.
  Remember to achieve mental and spiritual "Common-Unity", as it is transcendental for you to maintain the proper vibration for this output.
  From now on, we appeal to your criteria and coherence, so that you become aware of the reason for your participation in the outings, reflect and meditate on that purpose, so that you are psyched up, and thus achieve the experience you long for.
  With Love from Morlen,
  Oxalc and other Guides on mission.