Communication from Joaquin

Date: June 2, 2022. 1:30 am

Place: Baška Voda, Croatia


Do not let yourselves be discouraged, my brothers, the baton has already been given to those who requested it and in this way the amount necessary for the gradual change of your humanity towards what you have already requested and yearned for will be increased.

It depends on the number of those who, like you, have come to do their work and it depends on you to continue fulfilling what has been asked of you and that is to give everything you have to others who, like you, are looking for what they yearn for and it is to wake up to a better tomorrow. A tomorrow full of wicked people who will unite and lose the worst battle.

Love my beloved, The Lord of the earth will lose his power since their attacks will have no value in your future.

Love my brothers without ceasing, love that tomorrow is already here to be given.

Love my brothers that the pain will be lost to give way to love, and love will give way to what you have already asked of long ago and it is the love of the power to pray towards others and help those who like you are looking to know why the changes have not already occurred.

Love brothers, it depends on you how much time you lack to fulfill what was planned by the Confederation of worlds and it is the duty to continue the work given.

Love brothers that everything is already planned in detail and yours will be the blessings of coming and being able to teach others how to change situations of risk into situations of love and to be able to teach how to pray.

Love one another, for the situations to come depend on you, love each other, loved ones, as I have taught you to love.

Love each other that the force of love is always willing to change situations of pain and that is where your strength lies, that of being able to change situations of pain into those of love.

Love one another my brothers.

Love each other without ceasing, the pious are the ones who free those chained by lust and envy.

Love each other brothers that the power of knowing how to love is the most powerful thing on earth and in other worlds.

Love yourself that the greenery of the landscape is due to the love given by Mother Earth to her children's soil. And you are her children who have to help her transform and gradually change into the next dimension. That as you are in a process of major change and love can transform everything.

Love each other, brothers, that the time to give is now, and now is the time to give even more so that the steps are taken more gigantic and without possible pain.

Love brothers every day more and you will feel the pain disappear from your loved ones as well as from your surroundings, and love without ceasing that everything has its end and beginning towards a better future and with more strength to follow.

Love each other every day and you will see its fruits test the power of mind over matter.

Love yourselves brothers who have already been asked to take the final leap, The White Brotherhood depends on you and you on them and the changes to follow are already being made.

Love one another as I have loved you.