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Date: 2007-07-19
Place: North of Bogota, Colombia
Antenna: Mishraelam

Yes,  Alcir from the Blue Base in Alto Paititi.

You will walk along paths never traveled, where they must make use of the preparation assumed before, since always, where they will apply the maximum concentration and attention, exterior and interior, since nature will speak to you and from your hearts the White Brotherhood will guide you and call you .

Stay tuned for the signs, as they will also guide you. Everything will have a special meaning, internal and external, which will make you aware and aware of every step taken and every step to take.

Stay tuned for the tests that will be put on you, which will be subtle and obvious. Reread messages, analyze with the mind and with the heart each guideline, each objective, organize yourself, be one in diversity, since you are unique, in the individual and as a Unit in the group.

Always keep your inner contact in full bloom, listen to your Inner Maestro(teacher), let yourself be guided, feel from the heart the call of the Jungle and the Desert. Everything you do, that has the seal of your Love. You will be tested in the physical, mental and spiritual.

Each trip has a different objective, similar guidelines, but they are their complementary objectives.

Every trip to the Jungle has been taken care of and organized by us, the White Brotherhood of Paititi. And its objectives are carried forward and fulfilled by you, the Rahmas, belonging to the White Brotherhood of the Surface. .

Probable Xendra experiences will be given on these dates.

In each Retreat, from each country to which you are summoned by us, your Guides and Maestros, a door will open that will connect you mentally and spiritually with each place where the Rahmas arrive on expedition.

The support will be constant, in the energy of Love and Forgiveness (pink and violet).


(07-19-07, North of Bogotá - Colombia)


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