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Antenna: Nordac

Location: Peru

Yes, I am Ivika, in communication from our base in the snowy Huascarán (Peru).

Our relationship with witnesses of our existence in Peru has its starting point after World War II.  That event triggered various measures on our part, such as approaches and warning messages.

There were two events during the war that were very studied by us: an experiment with dimensional doors and folds of time in 1943, and tests with the atomic bomb and its subsequent  detonation in 1945. Ten years later, after some sporadic approaches, we decided to implement contact programs.  1955 was the year set.  

That is why you find in that year various actions on our part to reveal contact points, cosmic knowledge (such as Path to Infinity) and all kinds of help so that you could understand the deep motive of our visit.  Several decades have passed for you.  For us this process started just now.  

These different contact missions or "outreach programs" found their main venue after 2012. From there, like we have explained  on other messages, all processes come together and harmonize in a universal path.

When we, the different civilizations that support Earth's Mission, decided to start new contacts after World War II, we focused on adult human beings: individuals already educated and with a life experience that would allow them to mentally resist the contact experience.  Then, we moved on to the next phase, where we encouraged work groups formed starting with the experience of adolescents, selected for their mental plasticity to receive new knowledge that would allow them to prepare and prepare others. 

The next step is to cement this whole process from  the children, and from there build a new humanity. 

We offer you this information so that you can understand everything we have been doing and transmitting.  

The contact with us is a reunion.  For our crews, it ceased to be an anthropological and scientific approach, or a rescue mission.  It has become an alliance.  In remembering that we are part of the same family.

Go ahead and trust.  You have the necessary knowledge and tools.  The Minius energy will allow you to "link" with "eternity": the realm of the invisible that shapes the other elements.  

"The Minius, is the first source of energy, the essence of the origin of the universe. It is the key to the principle and its projection, an equation of eternity that allows action in the visible and the invisible. You should not interpreted it only as a scientific knowledge about  the nature of the cosmos, it is, above all, a spiritual message, beyond its practical application in space travel technology, 

You can understand a little more about its nature if you go into yourself, in the node of force that you treasure  , that pulses, that lives in the deepest of its energy. The Minius is similar to what you call "black hole": it is a "door" of entry and exit. And its force penetrates everything. It transmutes everything.  Like the cosmic radiations that are invisible to your eyes and yet exist, the Minius has remained silent within the genetic structure of life itself.

Earth scientists have not yet been able to unravel this secret, which is present throughout the universe. But try to approach this revelation through a bold study of the subatomic world ... When you reactivate that cosmic connection that integrates and harmonizes you with Creation, when you have that understanding you will be able to make and move in different membranes  reality at will .... the Minius is naturally in you. This spiritual technology will be the form of work for you from now on.

You know that we always accompany you, but aware of our limitations and the learning that comes with you not to depend on us.

We reiterate our friendship, and  also guidance and guidance to help you remember who you are and where you are going ... 

Observing and assisting you, dear Brothers of Earth.