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Date: 04/21/2014 Time: 7:20 p.m.
Antenna: Amtac.

Question: What exercises do you recommend for the awakening of the Inner Master?

"Shine the light in your hearts.
Shine the love.
Transform into the source. Be the source of the All."

"Yes, I am Abudamir. Listen and write brother. The rushed mind must give rise to the temperate heart. Empower it with forgiveness to return to his inner magic.

Masters are each one of you. Take the time to relax and clear the external storms that you created yourselves.

You will know how to listen to each other when you hear yourselves.

With love,

Abudamir and Guides in Mission. "

Abudamir: Master(Maestro) of the White Brotherhood in the magnetic center of the Andes, Chile.