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Date: 2007-10-16
Place: South of Bogota, Colombia
Antenna: Mishraelam

Contact at the Blue Base in Alto Paititi.

Yes brothers, contact with the White Brotherhood occurs when you achieve the balance between your mind and your heart, when you achieve with that peace that comes from within you keep you in Silence and in universal harmony.

We, your Maestros (Teachers), try to teach you the Path that you must travel, we try to make you walk our Path, the path of the Sacrifice for Love, disinterested in everything and everyone.

Our Path marks a commitment to Humanity, on the Right Path, on the path to Perfection.

Our Path seeks to act as children, with Love in your heart, but it will be like the forge, it will mold you as you walk.

The Path of Service is one that teaches you to forget yourself and give  yourself completely to others.

The Way of Rahma is the Love towards Humanity, it is to forgive and forgive ourselves for the mistakes made, it is to open the heart to give for Love.

The Path of Rahma must be traveled in Humility, recognizing your mistakes, being simple and simple, pure of heart, a noble heart, full of love, free from evil.

The contact with us, the Maestros, must be seen as a Guide, as a Help of Love, as a path of Peace, goodness and joy.

The path will be traveled parallel to your material path, in balance with it. Your paths are united in your commitments agreed with the White Brotherhood.

The path of contact with the White Brotherhood can last a lifetime, or it can be an eternal moment in time, where your consciousness expands and you are one with the Creator.

Yes, the Path of Christ is narrow, it is the Path of Patience and Perseverance, of living and demonstrating Unity with All Love, in attitudes, in actions, in thought and in every word.

Rahma is already on the Path of Christ, the narrow path of Christification, of giving everything for Love, of overcoming oneself, of dying to be born again, of being beacons to enlighten with all the intensity of the Light of Love.

Rahma walkers transforms, dies to himself, transcending, goes from outside to inside, to find yourself, being patient and persevering in the path of the Inner Path.

The Inner Path is the way back home, to your Spiritual Essence, to the reunion with your Inner Master, it is the way day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute seeing you, recognizing you, with courage, as you are.

If you know yourselves, you have nothing to fear. Pray, ask God for your path.

In the Love of the White Vestments,


(16-10-07, South of Bogotá - Colombia)


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