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Date: 2006-04-25
Place: Montevideo, Uruguay
Antenna: Mishraelam

Yes, Oxalc communicating.

Dear brothers in Mission:

Have you noticed that there is a succession of Encounters, Outings and Mission Trips?

Well, we will tell you that we have motivated, as your Mission Guides, the contact and reunion between each of you group by group, country by country, continent by continent.

And these are the times when you must unite in the Love that Rahma represents, in the Love of Christ and in the Love of the Father.

We look for which sparks of Light, that you activate, that you recognize. Each Encounter, Outing or Mission Trip meets specific objectives endorsed by us, your Guides and by the Teachers of the White Brotherhood of the Earth and the Cosmos.

But the real, primordial and essential objective today is your contact as individuals and as a group of individuals.

If we bring you together, motivating you, inviting you and facilitating your arrival to the places, it is for you to act in the group as a Unit, based on respect and tolerance, but also in companionship and unity in diversity, something we see difficult to achieve because your egos and personalities prevail.

And brothers, the selection or self-selection of the participating brothers is based on the commitment to the proposed objectives, their preparation, but we seek as you know, Quality of people.

The quality of people is to be tolerant, respectful and understanding, kind, supportive and companions, participatory, committed and prepared according to the occasion.

Constancy, perseverance and patience must not be lacking, virtues that pave the way and sharpen the individual and overall vibration.

These requirements should not be missing when selecting an expedition group. Each brother, from each group, from each country is called, but these are three fundamental requirements to define their participation.

Know brothers that each Outing has a clear and defined objective that you must endeavor to fulfill. Do not leave pending, since the acceleration of the processes asks you to comply with guidelines and objectives, to close cycles or stages of work within the Mission.

Each Encounter must "find" you prepared and willing to give everything for the Love of the Plan and the Mission, in Delivery, in Humility, in Silence and in Peace, in Love and in Unity with yourselves, among you and with God.

You are all workers of this wonderful Plan of Love and you have had to act from the Rahma vibration of Love, a Love that in the Action of Love should lead you to the Union, not to disunity.

We try to motivate you to prepare, to meet, to establish bonds, bonds of Love between you, transcending the ego that you know well disjoints and opposes Love.

We seek, workers of the Rahma Mission, that you find yourself in the complement of Roles, Functions and Missions.

Each one has a Role, a Function and a Mission within the Mission. May your Love be pure as your heart, so as not to see in the other competition and complement.

There are many diffusers, many instructors, many are committed to reach this or that place, but few are truly prepared and willing to give everything. But above all, few, very few are willing to assume the responsibility of a contact with us, with the Maestros and even less those willing to assume the consequences of contact. You should know that at this stage of definition, Rahma World defines its commitment to each Retreat ...

You should know that those who arrive will do so because they are the ones indicated, the best prepared, those who have been called and responded according to the objectives of each trip, complying with each of the proposed guidelines.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to prepare, travel to travel, departure to departure, encounter to encounter, meeting to meeting.

We hope each occasion to see you deployed, shining your Sun in Love, giving everything wherever you are, from your place of action.

Rahma today is action, and the action of Love is To Love. Love and Forgive.

Love and Peace,


(04-25-06, Montevideo - Uruguay)


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