Quito July 7, 2018


 The departure for the 44th anniversary of the Contact Mission carried out in Chilca on January 20 and 21, 2018, had left a deep mark on us. Although I had visited this magical place countless times and lived extraordinary experiences, what I experienced on the night of January 21st inside the dimensional portal that was formed was different. For the first time in 30 years of participating in the mission I was taken through the portal to the Council of the Confederation of Worlds. There, two teachers gave me a very important and transcendent message. The message reads like this:

"Welcome Faxom, you are in the Council of the Confederation of Worlds-

 -This council wants to ask you to make several trips that will begin a final stage of the Mission, which is the achievement of objectives. -These trips will take you to the final reception of the BOOK OF THOSE IN WHITE VESTMENTS-.

 For this reason, you must go this year to Paititi, where, as you have already perceived in other experiences you have had, they will have contact with the White Brotherhood and additionally you must work with and for the planet and its balance".

 At that moment the scenes that were shown to me in the Xendras of January and August 2017 in Tulipe came to my mind where I saw very strong natural phenomena occurring on the planet. Additionally, new images of what this trip would be like came to my mind in which I observed how the energy of the Umiña Stone was placed in the Xolar disk of Paititi, which amplified that energy as if it were a reflecting mirror, sending the green energy towards the entire planet healing it. Then listen: You will also go to the Roncador in Brazil and finally to the Gobi desert where it all began.

 Question: Master, shouldn't we go to the Cueva de los Tayos? I ask this because throughout the mission process we were taught that the archives of knowledge were in three places: Paititi, Roncador and Cueva de los Tayos.

"In Los Tayos the work has already been done. With all the outings and work you carried out there in recent years, you managed to bring to light the information you already have. (See report La Umiña and the Star Guardians)

 It is important that you know that to fulfill this new stage, it is required on the part of all missionaries to have a willingness and commitment of total dedication to the plan, both for those who represent everyone who make the trips, and to work for the planet; Therefore, do not stop radiating your world.

 Get ready so that you can continue receiving the details of everything we announce to you in the coming months.

Love and peace."


 The message received announced several events, on the one hand the beginning of a new stage that would be the achievement of objectives and on the other hand, the completion of several trips so that said objectives were met. But the most shocking announcement was that on these trips the conditions would be created to receive nothing less than the Book of the White Vestments, the planetary Akashic record or the true history of humanity. While it is true that some of this knowledge has already been received over the years, I knew that finishing receiving this knowledge was a long-awaited event in the Mission. And now the confederation of worlds was announcing it.


 When sharing this experience with groups worldwide there were various reactions. On February 3, Sixto Paz wrote to me telling me that he had read my report on the trip to Chilca. 

He thought that the trip to Paititi was very risky, and that it would not be out of place to ask for a new strong confirmation from the Guides that would leave no doubt that we have their full support for this new journey. At that moment I began to feel the weight of responsibility and even began to think.


 And now Rafael, what have you gotten yourself into! On the one hand I felt that I had undeservedly received this important message and on the other hand  thought that due to the importance, the person who should have received it should be a more representative person within the groups.


 But I also reflected that the experiences lived in Tulipe in January and August 2017, where the Guides in the Xendras announced the trip to Paititi and the objectives of this new trip, had been compelling. Especially the January departure where more than 8 ships appeared that interacted with the group, such a display of the Guides could not be for nothing, it must necessarily have some transcendent reason, I also remember that throughout the year 2017 there was a wave of sightings in Quito and its surroundings that we photographed and recorded on video, together with some members of the groups and friends, we took all this as an announcement of great events.


 Reviewing within myself, I felt that I personally did not need another confirmation of the trip, I was sure of what I received. But reflect that if further confirmation was necessary, the Guides would give it. I accepted this request and let Sixto know. Everything was in motion now, what we had to do now was trust. Additionally, the experiences lived by the brothers who traveled to Marcahuasi after the January meeting in Chilca were very compelling and also confirmed the trip to Paititi.

 The confirmation would not take long to arrive, the day after speaking with Sixto exactly in the early morning of February 4, Rossana my wife had an important experience that she related in the following way:

 Rafael had made a trip to Chilca-Peru, to meet the Rahma groups in the month of January of this year and upon his return I began to perceive that Rafael had returned from that outing loaded with a lot of information impregnated in his aura. The night of February 4, I was restless and could not sleep. I tell Rafael that I feel that there is a lot of information in his aura that I am perceiving and that this is not letting me sleep. I finally manage to fall asleep in the early morning and suddenly I hear a voice that tells me:


 ..To receive confirmation of the trip to Paititi, you must make a trip to the city of Cuenca on February 8 and 9 or also on March 8 and 9 to the Culebrillas area. At the place you will receive the date to carry out the expedition to Paititi........

 Additionally I receive some symbols. I wake up exalted and immediately ask for paper and pencil and share the message I received with Rafael.

 Despite the message having been so clear, we decided to ask for the support of some brothers from the Quito Branch Groups to receive more guidelines. We called a group meeting in which several communications were received confirming the departure to Culebrillas on the 8th and 9th. March where the confirmatory sighting of the new trip to Paititi would occur.

 Days later we contacted Pedro Webster from the Cuenca groups who told us that since November of last year they had been receiving the invitation from the Guides to go to Culebrillas, but precisely that day he had just returned from a meeting with one of the groups in Cuenca, in the meditation carried out that night he received a message in which the Guides told him that we should urgently go to Culebrillas. He could even perceive some of the attendees at the exit. We sent all the details received about the departure to Sixto, who gave us some advice for the trip.


 Investigating the Culebrillas Lagoon we discovered that around this beautiful place there are several legends and a lot of history. Located in the province of Cañar which is considered the archaeological capital of Ecuador, which borders the province of Azuay to the south and the province of Chimborazo to the north, located in south-central Ecuador. This area was populated by the Cañarís culture, for whom the lagoon was considered sacred and they called it the Leoquina lagoon or Culebra Lagoon.


 Formerly the Cañarís held ceremonies there, where sacred objects of gold, silver and beautiful ceramics and the Spondylus shell were thrown into the lagoon.


 The Cañarí people have several legends about their origin related to the lagoon. One of them tells that a mythical snake emerged from the lagoon and laid two eggs from which a man and a woman were born and that the Cañari race descended from them. Then the snake or snake died in the same lagoon.


 Another legend tells us about a great flood that covered the entire land of Cañaribamba that was already populated, and where only two male brothers managed to save themselves at the summit of Mount Huacayñan, which means "road of tears", as the flood grew they saw that they were two beautiful macaws with the faces of women were raised above the waters, to which they cared for and fed, finally uniting with them, which gave rise to the Cañarí people.


 We left at 5 in the morning from Quito on March 8, Susana Gavilanes, Rossana Carrasco, Juan Carlos Escalante, and Rafael Calderón. We would meet with Pedro Webster and Daniel García at 12 noon in a place called Tambo near the town of Zhud. Once together we headed along a second-order road for another hour until we reached the Shingles Lagoon, the same one found in the Shangay National Park.


 We proceeded to set up camp about 400 meters from the lagoon, then we began the protection and meditation work. In the afternoon Daniel led a meditation and projection work in which we traveled back 500 years, with the intention of getting in tune with the history of the place. Daniel connected deeply with the work, which allowed him to have an experience that he told us in the following way:


 In the projection I see myself walking along a very well-defined path of worked stone that leads me to a typical Inca trapezoidal door. Upon entering I see a square with buildings on the sides (instead of the lagoon), I ask to go to the center of the square. where 2 indigenous people guard a rectangular stone with symbols, I ask the companions in the meditation to do dermoptics on the stone; It is at that moment that they tell me: You are in a place that in ancient times was destined for the veneration of the mother goddess, mother earth.


 Tell the group that they have been invited to visit the temple that existed and still exists under the waters, a portal will project to them tomorrow night. 


 Then they told me that Huayna Cápac transported the Umiña stone from Pumapungo to the shingles area for security reasons. Finally they told me that: "The confirmation that you have come to receive will be given, however the signs throughout the day are a confirmation of the new trip to Paititi.


 For his part, Pedro, in his experience, was able to observe that the lagoon was like a sanctuary with steps that led to the interior of the lagoon and that many lives were lost in this place. He also felt that we should carry out liberation work.


 In my personal experience (Rafael) I perceive that in the past there was a dimensional door that connects with the cosmos, the same one that channeled cosmic energies into the interior of a temple. At that moment I feel the presence of the Oxalc Guide who tells me that at night we should work on opening a portal that previously existed there.


 As the hours passed and we became more aware, we began to feel an extraordinary energy in the place. At night we went to the shore of the lagoon and there we felt the moving presence of the planetary spirit, which is why I asked Susana to do some connection work, since she had been in Paititi in 2010 and had received the energy of the heart planetary crystal.. The work was directed by Susy with great feeling, asking us to make an offering that each one deposited in the lagoon, leaving us all deeply moved.


 Once the work was done, Pedro spread the word to us about the presence of two luminous objects flying over the sky, which made three rectilinear and abrupt movements, finally remaining static over the lagoon, which Susana and I were able to observe at the last minute.


Next we proceeded with the opening of the dimensional portal, for which I asked everyone to mantralize the word Zinuru for 33 times, meanwhile we saw in our minds how the energies of the cosmos descended in the form of a great pyramid, whose base was deposited in the depths of the lagoon and its tip pointing to the cosmos, we finally saw how a portal opened in the sky through which the cosmic energies entered, radiating them to the entire area and thus activating the place.


 During the work, most of the group felt various presences, many women dressed in white who were around us. Some even felt the unexpected presence of the Master.


 Late at night the temperature dropped a lot, we proceeded wrapping ourselves up to face the intense cold and a strong wind that penetrated our bones. After having a hot soup we retired to rest. The next day we woke up with great joy, it was the day of the formation announced by the Guides, on the other hand we would go to see some ruins that we found out exist in the place, that is how we met some tourists and a guide of the area, who told us the place where the ruins are located. After an hour of walking we arrived at the site that was made up of a Tambo (resting place), on the left side of the tambo we observed a large number of worked stones scattered on the ground giving the impression that it was formerly a citadel, additionally we recognized that very Near this place is the Inca Trail or Cápac ñan, which according to the Guide's instructions, this path leads to the most important archaeological complex in Ecuador, which is Ingapirca.


While we toured the place we felt that it was full of history, so we decided to practice dermoptics to tune in to the information stored in the place. The experiences were very intense, Daniel recounted his experience in the following way:


 In the dermoptic practice I see an imposing image of the Inca Huayna Cápac that points to the Inca path (inca-ñan), where a caravan approaches carrying Princess Quilago with a golden headband on her head with a sun in the center , and many more women who accompany her all dressed in white.

Pedro, on his part, saw the following:

 When doing dermoptics, I see how Huayna Cápac was enjoying a party with his people in Culebrillas. After a while a messenger arrives, gives him information and the monarch orders the people to leave the site immediately. Some went north to confront invaders, even priests joined. Others, including the Chasqui, left with the monarch towards the south. They passed through Ingapirca, Paredones (Cajas), Pumapungo (today Cuenca), Cueva de los Tayos and from there to Paititi. That messenger (chasqui) turned out to be me, there in Paredones I died in that life. Now I understand and complement what I had experienced in previous years, where they told me that I became a custodian of the area known as Paredones (Cajas). I also observe that the women (priestesses) stayed in the city, but they could not withstand the pressure and responsibility that the monarch left behind. I end up watching them jump into the lagoon and lose their lives. But, the sanctuary was previously flooded, they changed the riverbed to protect the place from the information they guarded, forming the lagoon that exists today.


These souls asked us to free them from the place, and this is how I explained to the group. I could see the place (sanctuary) which were walls carved with figures and which contained a room with a type of glass.


 Next we worked cleaning the place and allowing the souls of those women to transcend and be liberated, and then Susy made a payment to the earth by making each of us an offering from the depths of our hearts to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth).


 Returning to the camp in the early afternoon, we felt that it was the right time to hold a communication reception so that the Guides could guide us. Receiving the following messages:


 Communication: February 9, 2018

Location: Laguna de Culebrillas, Cañar -Ecuador. Antenna: Rafael Calderón (Faxom)

Yes Oxalc and Sampiac.

 We are with you, not only uniting our minds but also our hearts.

 We are moved by your dedication and commitment to the Mission. A few years ago we told you that now we can talk about giving everything for others and now we ratify it. That is why we are carrying out together, you and we, this sacred Mission.


 With the work carried out on this outing, you have been in tune with the keys and information of this place, which is why you will finish receiving and putting together all the information on the portal that will be given starting at 9 pm.


 When you do things with your heart, you move powerful energies, generating extraordinary events that you call magical. 


 From now on carry out your activities in this way, loving. And the universe will open up to endless possibilities.


 Be all love and you will crown the goal in Paititi, the heart will open the interior retreats and out of love you will receive the Book of the White Vestments to share it with humanity thirsty for affection, light and truth. Go ahead missionaries, we await you at the Sanctuary of the Earth to commune with the Mother and the cosmos.

With Love in the Light

Oxalc and Sampiac.


 Communication: March 9, 2018

Place: Laguna de Culebrillas, Cañar Ecuador Antenna: Daniel García (Cromdel)


 Oxalc with you:

 As you have felt and received, the place is ready for the experience of the portal where the lost knowledge of this place and its magical feminine energy awaits you.


 You have witnessed the loving energy of the Lady of Light manifest in nature, you have activated a new cycle in this place, cleansing and allowing suffering souls to transcend, and leaving the door open to knowledge for other sincere seekers of truth. .


 At 9 a.m. come to the marked place, and later at 2 a.m. to meet again with us, there are 3 guests. Near you



 Communication dated March 9, 2018 at 3:30 a.m.

Place: Laguna de Culebrillas, Cañar Ecuador Antenna: Juan Carlos Escalante (Aumpac)

You must understand the true meaning of being a Rahma - Sensitive with love to all living beings, in union and understanding towards each person, Understanding the meaning of being suns on earth, illuminating others. You should just let yourselves flow and not create situations. As we have indicated, we will be complying with the provisions of this outing. There are those who should be, neither more nor less.


 At 09:00 pm on March 9, 2018 the experience will be. The moment you see a rainbow will be the time and path to follow.



 The three messages coincided in the time that the experience would occur. In the afternoon Pedro told us that he saw an unusual glow at ground level in a place near the camp, together with Daniel and Pedro we went to reconnoitre the place. As we toured the area on the horizon we saw a spectacular sunset, appreciating a yellow, gold and violet color produced by the sun that was already setting. At that moment I observed that a large cylindrical ship appeared among the clouds that was suspended. I spread the word to the group capturing the presence of the mothership, Juan Carlos was able to photograph the object. Once the ship left we managed to detect the place where the announced Xendra was forming, so we returned to the camp to continue working.


 We were all talking about the sighting when someone said. Look! When we looked up at the sky we saw a luminous object coming from where the sun was setting, passing in front of the group, turning on its lights intermittently, finally hiding behind the mountains. The group was very excited by the strong demonstrations of the Guides. What would be our surprise when I immediately see an object emerge from the left side of our location, we immediately detected another object coming from the right side, we thought that perhaps the two objects would meet each other, but we were stunned to see that a third object appears that was moving above us, heading to meet the two others. As the ships approached, they stopped their advance and formed a triangle, then proceeded to rotate, maintaining this shape. We had never seen anything like this.


 It was such a great emotion that we felt it ended in uproar, at that moment Rossana asked: Is this the confirmatory sighting for the trip to Paititi?


 At that moment we saw how the ships broke ranks, separating and moving where they came, turning on their lights in the form of flashes, interacting with the group. Finally the ships disappeared.


 While we were congratulating ourselves for what had happened and especially for the confirmation of the trip to Paititi, we saw another ship pass over the group, this time the object was white in color which made an impressive flash, increasing its size greatly, approximately 10 times. its size transforming to an orange color and then decreasing its light until it goes off completely. The objective of the trip had been fulfilled. The presence of the Guides had been more than forceful.


 At 9 pm we went to the place where we detected the concentration of energy and verified that the Xendra was formed, proceeding to enter in two groups, the first group made up of Daniel, Juan Carlos and Susana and the second group.

 We enter Rossana, Pedro and Rafael. Below we share the stories of each of the Brothers.



 In the Xendra experience at 9 at night, as the guides had warned, within it I was able to visualize again several images of the Umiña being protected in that place in an underground temple, and then being taken to another place, after the attack of the dark forces. I see how she is protected throughout history at various times and used in certain places that demanded her presence.


 Finally they told me that the Umiña is being returned to the Paititi where it once was, to take its place on the solar disk.


 Juan Carlos

 I entered the Xendra and was greeted by Oxalc and Master Jesus, they gave me a hug. Oxalc told me that they have been following and evaluating us for some time. Master Jesus told me that there is a special connection with you and that it is through the heart that this energy moves, he also said that his return is near (At that moment I remember the experience in 2008 where a large golden sphere appears in the living room of my house and write in gold on the wall the following: "The king of kings will soon come. Prepare for his arrival, the children of heart will enter his kingdom. Let everyone know. Elohim." After this the sphere It was golden for a long time and disappeared). He additionally told me some personal things that he would eventually confirm.


 From there, they projected me through a portal to the Interior Retreat of the Culebrillas Lagoon, then I observed Huayna Cápac, the Quilago, the Atlantes, the Pacos Pacuris gathered together (they had the Umiña that shone brightly), the Atlanteans with the cube they have became translucent as if it were activated. There the Umiña was connected and they projected me to the Paititi and I saw how a door opened where the Solar Disk is and I saw how the green energy was arriving at the Solar Disk, causing the Disk and everything around it to be activated. They told me that we have the energy of the Umiña in our body and we place it in the Solar Disk. After this, I heard Rafa's voice saying that we must return from the Xendra, I was left with the feeling that something special is going to happen after the Master of Masters Jesus comes and the DNA activation occurs in each Human Being.



 At Xendra I began to visualize many women around the lagoon performing rituals. Then I saw the ruins of a temple submerged in the lagoon and much further down, in an underground world, I observed giant beings that could be Atlanteans. When I was enjoying being in front of the Pusharo wall again, I heard Rafael's voice inviting us out.



 Once at the Xendra, I knelt down to connect and let myself flow. Immediately, I clearly visualized a spiral of green light forming beneath me and through it, I was taken into the interior of the Earth. I was taken to the intraterrestrial world of the Tulipe area. At the place I am received by the Bird's Head men, custodians of the place. Behind them, I see a kind of altar where until recently the Umiña stone was located. I feel and observe that Umiña is no longer in that place because it has already begun its journey back to all the places where it once was. Your journey to Paititi has begun. 

 At that moment, I feel very sorry to think that Umiña will no longer be in the Tulipe area and immediately the Bird-headed men hug me very tenderly and cover me with their long black cloaks. Instantly, I pass through the layer of one of them as a dimensional portal that communicates with the cosmos and I am immediately taken to a place where I am welcomed by beings who tell me that I am in the Confederation of Worlds. I can only see their silhouettes and they tell me that I have not come to see them but someone else! At that moment, Master Jesus approaches me! I felt an immense emotion when I was in front of him, I never imagined that something like this could happen to me. At that moment Jesus tells me that he is already preparing for his return. He tells me that his return will happen when the 10 Anrrom bells ring.


 I immediately ask: What are the 10 chimes of the Anrrom? How will we know when they ring? Jesus says the bells will ring when we begin to see radical changes in the world. These changes will start in the United States, then Asia and India. He tells me that we will see groups of people working all over the world for light and I visualize many people doing different jobs. Jesus again insists that Earth is preparing for his return. Then I see that Jesus begins to radiate a bright white energy towards my Cesium Crystals and he tells me to take that energy with me and use it. In that moment I feel protected by his infinite love and his light. He finally tells me not to worry about anything, everything is ready.



 The time has come to live the Xendra experience, in particular they tell me that the support that the groups in Cuenca would provide to those who go to Paititi would be from this place and I had to be there. They tell me the strength of the Rahma bases in Ecuador in three people, and that they must take care of that, not neglect. They tell me that the Confederation of Worlds are satisfied with the work carried out by these bases.



 I entered the Xendra and after a short time I see myself projected into the interior of the earth and then I observe a place built like a stone temple, at that moment I hear a voice that reminds me of the information received in 2005 about the arrival of Atlantes to Ecuador. (See report: The Crystals of Power and the world meeting of Cajas) Which were housed in the underground world in the area of the Cajas National Park, a place near the city of Cuenca. That voice tells me that those Atlanteans also arrived at the culebrillas area and that there, they built a lunar-type temple, upon discovering that the planetary and cosmic energies were strongly concentrated in the area, with which they came into contact. They then informed me that at that time the green Umiña stone was found in this place. You can see the green Crystal deposited on an altar in the center of the temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess. Next I observe that some time later the Atlanteans came into contact with some cultures such as the Cañarís, on the other hand the Cochasqui priestesses of the Quitu Cara culture called the Quilagos and also the Incas. Those who came on a pilgrimage to the culebrillas  lagoon to be initiated by the Atlanteans in the lunar cults, the handling of the Green Stone and contact with the feminine spirit of the earth. In the experience I was able to see Huayna Cápac together with the Quilago in the place contacting large beings, being invited to enter the underground temple.

Finally, I am told that the Umiña will arrive in Paititi to be incorporated into the Xolar Disk. Which fits perfectly into a slot that has the disk in the center, all of this so that through the disk the energy of the crystal is sent to the world and thus achieves a redimensioning of the planet and its inhabitants.


 On this occasion we had received new information that complemented what we had previously received. This outing had been spectacular to the point that it left a deep mark on all of us. The Contact Mission never ceased to surprise us despite the years that had passed. Rossana was deeply moved by her experience. Daniel and I were very struck by the information that Jesús gave to Rossana about the tenth Bell of the Anrrom, since they are terms used at the beginning of Mission and that are not currently used, to the point that Rossana, being relatively new, In the group I didn't understand what they meant.


 Below you will find some excerpts from the book: "Los Guías Extraterrestres". What they tell us about this Term:


 *The Tenth Bell of the Anrrom, says the Master, Brother Joaquín, opens the seals, clears the path of the people; awakens the undecided by restoring knowledge to the sleeping potentials.


 *So that the light can be seen by everyone, the channels will be opened and the curtains will be drawn, because at that time, the light will be, by its absence, the sign of the new dawn of the Anrrom.


 *Communication: 06-19-75

Yes, Oxalc.


 The times will be fulfilled when the first of the ancients goes out in search of the tenth bell that will ring to announce to men their last test before the great day of the Anrrom.


 *But all this will happen later in Inimón, the Peace of Anrrom, when only on Earth will people sing with a single voice. Be children of God and in his lap let us dance Love in Universal Harmony.


 *The new day of the Anrrom: Day of total knowledge, The day of the great Light, of clarity. The main moment of the reception of the Book of the White Vestment. Coincidentally, in the experience of January 2018 in Chilca, we were asked to make several trips to make way for the final reception of the Book of those in the White Garment.


 OBJECTIVES OF THE TRIP TO PAITITI. According to the latest experiences lived from 2015 to the present date, we can confirm that these are the objectives of the trip to Paititi 2018:

1. CONTACT THE WHITE BROTHERHOOD.- Experience lived in January 2017 in Tulipe. Let us remember that this is the first expedition to Paititi with the planet being in the fourth dimension, thus allowing a greater connection between the Time Men and the Guardians of the Temple.

2. RECEIVE KNOWLEDGE. This objective was received in the Xendra experience in January 2017 in Tulipe, it was confirmed in the April 2018. This objective aims to connect with the information the green crystals that trap the dissidents of the cosmic Plan.

 3. WORK WITH THE UMIÑA STONE IN PAITITI TO HELP THE PLANET. This objective was announced in the first months of 2017 and was confirmed in August 2017 at the start of Tulipe. In Xendra the Guides teach us large hurricanes that hit the planet and then the northern part of the planet freezes. The White Brotherhood decides to take the Umiña to Paititi to work and help the Planetary Spirit and Humanity from this special area.

4. INCORPORATE THE UMIÑA STONE INTO THE SOLAR DISC This objective seeks to incorporate the glass of the Umiña on the Xolar de Paititi album to start the planetary resizing.


 It is important to note that these objectives have been received by other brothers in different countries and experiences, which we are collecting to include in the final report of the trip to Paititi.


 Fulfilling the task entrusted by the hierarchies in this stage of the mission is a responsibility that involves all of us who make up the Mission. 14 brothers will go to this sacred place representing everyone, at a different time and moment.


 Tests and difficulties have not been absent on this occasion, thus confirming the importance of the trip. We know that the trip to Paititi is not a walk, on the contrary it is a pilgrimage that requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, walking almost all day through the jungle, crossing large rivers multiple times and carrying a backpack on our backs, feeding ourselves. frugally twice a day. 


 One of the most difficult tests we are facing is that to date we have only managed to raise 50 percent of the funds necessary to carry out the expedition. We know that we are being supported by superior forces and that the resources will come from the generous hands that help me accomplish the task entrusted to us.


 With Love in the Light

Rafael Calderón Guerrero


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