REPORT by Patries van Elsen, Netherlands





 Communication 1-20-2018, Chilca, Peru. Antenna: Patries van Elsen (Elyah Aram)

Guide: Anitac

 "We are grateful for meeting and connecting. We are close with our ships to provide all the necessary support. Know that the Earth is going through intense processes but peace will be born from that chaos. 2018 is a year of great intensity and changes on the Earth. For This year, many activations and outings have been planned for the Rahma Mission. It is now important that you raise the vibration even higher so that you can receive the Cesium Crystals. The 24 elders are also available for communication through a Xendra, which is can manifest tonight after the initiations. With light and love



 1-20-2018, Chilca, Peru. Antenna: Patries van Elsen (Elyah Aram)


 "Joaquín in touch with you: The 44th year of Rahma is dedicated to commitment. The retreats of the White Brotherhood are open to the Rahmas. They are welcome. Please note that it is very important to continue raising the vibration of the Solar Discs and keep them connected with the heart of Mother Earth.

 The work in the locations of the Solar Discs is very important. In Paititi, new energetic connections must be made, such as the connection of the Umiña crystal with the Golden Solar Disk of Paititi. This connection is important to restore balance on the planet, harmonize purification and awaken Christ consciousness. With Light and Love",



 1-21-2018, Chilca, Peru. Antenna: Patries van Elsen (Elyah Aram)


 "The upcoming expeditions and sorties have our full support. The 44th year of the mission is of great importance for all groups. Energetic work in Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Peru is a priority. Above all It is important to work with the Golden Solar Discs in combination with the use of the Christ Crystal. This Crystal protects you from the negative energies of the lower astral and helps you stay strong in your goals. In this year it is important to maintain unity and a high vibration .

 We are always with you, but this step in the evolution of the earth and humanity must be done by yourselves. This manifests from the inside out.

 The knowledge of the sphinx of Egypt will open and this will give you the keys for the next trips of the Mission. Work on forgiveness with respect to the story of the humanity. This will cause much to be released. The history of the Sphinx is connected with the desert of Gobi. The White Brotherhood brought its gold plates and a glass library to the Sphinx and also to other places such as the Tayos cave in Ecuador.

 The library of crystals will soon be energetically revealed. That knowledge awakens in your own crystals and in the crystals of planet Earth. Mexico also has a main job in this. Master Atzlan of the White Brotherhood is available to provide further guidance on this mission. In 2018 different doors will open in different frequencies and in the elements for peace on earth and in the universe.

 With peace and love",



 Patries van Elsen (Elyah Aram) experience of Xendra; I enter a room where the 24 Elders gather. Archer comes walking towards me. He greets me and holds both my hands in his. He looks at me deeply and says very strongly: "No matter what happens, maintain your inner peace." I ask if there is more to do in the near future. He telepathically transmits to me: "You have already received all the necessary messages from the guides several times during the past year. You carry what you have to do in your heart."

 Afterwards we stood in silence and peace. As if to further emphasize how important Peace is. Very calm and full of love and peace, returned from the Xendra.


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