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Date: January 2, 2020, 5:10
Place: Tampere, Finland


Question: Where should we send energy of help?

What are the sightings, but a request for help towards others, love brothers (* and sisters) that the Bell of Anrrom has already been given and hopes that you give the call to everyone else who hope to present their gifts of love to all and thus be able to resurrect the notion of love in all others.

Love brothers (and sisters) that the lights are given to be able to awaken all who, like you, have given themselves to the work of helping the collective awakening of all others.

Dear Brothers (and sisters), the collective conscience of all is already waking up everywhere and is already waiting for you with the purpose of human awakening.

Love brothers and sisters, that Christ consciousness has already been given to overcome the sufferings and human pain that is waking up to a new reality of awareness and given to others who, like you, have already begun to die daily (the ego) and everyone is expected to give their part.

Love brothers and sisters that human conscience is already taking gigantic steps towards the awakening of all and those who, like you, are ready to awaken from the conscientious love and loved by all of you,

Love brothers and sisters as I have always loved you and helped you to find the path that we must walk together and it is that of the collective awakening and without the traps of the collectivity of now but that of always.

Time has already been given, love without ceasing.

The glories of the human are given together with the collective suffering already reached in the glow of lies that has enslaved you for a long time, and it is now that love must progress and open doors everywhere.

Beloved brothers and sisters, the reality of the times is already taking place to be able to raise awareness among all of you who have already begun to love and need a little more so that you can teach others to give all.

Dear brothers and sisters, the power of the dangerous brotherhood of the negatives is already beginning to give up, since your struggle is the greatest seeing so far, and it is for love that you will overcome everything given and yet to come.

Love my brothers and sisters as I have always loved you.

Love each other brothers and sisters.

Your brother Joaquin


Note: * translated from Spanish where "hermanos" means both, brothers and sisters