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“Connect with the heart of the heart. The connection is made, the door is open but the key is Love. ”

“In your daily work of introspection, of meditation, connect with your heart of the heart. That is the right beginning to establish contact with you and each other. ”

“Thus, you will establish the bridge, the contact and the connection between Heaven and Earth, so you reconnect the bridge between the Universes and the Dimensions. Thus, you are suns that work as channels of Love in the Land of the heart. ”


"Love is the key and to love is the key to connect and reconnect places, vortices, to establish the bridge of union for Love wherever you go."

“Love is the first vibration, the original essence embodied in matter. Your heart beats, your essence expands when you vibrate together as Suns centered in your heart. ”

“Therefore, bring your mind, your conscience, to your heart and once there, penetrate deep within yourself. In silence and peace, focus on your heart of the heart and keep your flow of Love constant on every occasion. ”

"New times are coming, where they will try to censor you in your Love, strengthen you in your Faith, but you, centered in your heart, will remain firm and untouched before the work of the stalker."


“2012 will mark your lives on fire(fast), 2012 will be the beginning of a New Time for you and for all Humanity.”

“Your work is seen, your Love too. Focused on your heart, our guide will always arrive to show you that you are on the right path, so that you do not hesitate and have the certainty of where to go. ”

“In 2012 more than ever your path will be traveled with the guidance of your heart as an objective. Only your open heart will show you what is the right step to take more, first you will feel it, then you will see it with the eyes of the heart. ”

"Keep your heart open always and our guidance and presence will not wait, as well as the unconditional support of the guides that will always be."


From the Paititi Precincts,

ALCIR, JOAQUIN and GUIDES in MISSION. (12-16-11, Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru)



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