An experience lived in August 2018 (in Paititi):

"The Xendras of Mecanto"

All the members of the trip met in the afternoon, in a space that served us as a dining room in the hostel and that was the right moment in which we could meet after leaving the Palotoa Teparo community at sunset the previous day.  It was at that moment that each participant began to narrate their experiences lived in the portals , I began commenting after having heard some experiences , especially from Rafael , Cristian and Darío , referring to the Xendra of the 24 elders , since they were the first ones to enter ;  I began by telling them that it seemed that I had entered another Xendra, since the experience that I had to live was different and strange from the one they narrated, their experiences had a lot to do with Orion and mine was different and in no way resembled theirs , it was similar to Gustavo and Walter 's ........

" The Xendra of the 24 Elders "

......It was around 9pm and at that moment Daniel was called by Rafael and then he started calling Marcia, Roxana, Gustavo, Walter and Guille;  they approached the group that was made up of Cristian , Rafael and Darío , then they called me to form the group ;  while Susy, Patries and Panchito are waiting;  Cristian told us to go towards the Xendra that had formed, near the Siskibenia River.  I tried to look for the possible place of projection of the Xendra and I couldn't see anything, neither something clear or strange, everything seemed like a normal night.  At that moment Cristian told us to take one more step , by doing so I entered a different and strange place , at first it seemed like a door or holographic space , I heard the sound of water passing between the stones , but what I saw with my eyes was " Being " in another place , with a different atmosphere , seemed like another space - time , a quite different reality , I could see that I was not alone , there were other people by my side and not all of them were from the travel group ;  At that moment I felt that those of us who were there represented many more people .  This building was like a large dome , with pale walls , there were a kind of three - levels and on each level a group of beings of very varied shapes and sizes , ranging from the smallest about 30cm tall , to some very large . tall as 2.5Mt.  or more , some had anthropomorphic forms and others very different that I would not know how to describe their corporeal forms ;  they were dressed in different colored suits, in front of each of them there were strange symbols or engravings that stood out, similar to Chinese or Phoenician ideograms, they were a number of 24 very different and varied beings. 

In the center of the amphitheater there was an old man with human characteristics, with gray hair and a white beard. At first I didn't know who he was, but he seemed quite familiar to me. As the days passed, his image became clearer and remembered greater details of the experience;  previously I had felt in some group meetings that Joaquín was in the center of the meetings , many times I felt him before the trip without knowing the importance of what was happening in this place at that moment . 

Joaquín began to recount a series of events that they had carried out, he began by narrating events that are described in the "History of the Rama Mission", that is, the search for the people who would enter the Rahma Mission and how he found us.... ......... More than 4,000 years ago ............ These people were always chosen in relation to what each one would perform ...... open people in potential and sensitive .  People who, despite not having anything out of the ordinary human, could vibrate on a higher level... people who put the commitment of responsible freedom before receiving superior knowledge, would have to be willing to live a series of unusual tests for the great human majority ......

They would have a mission not only to alert or warn , but to be a bridge for people to recognize each other ..... That was " RAH - MA " ( RAMA ) ........ To each one was by means of emissaries and in ships of the Confederation ,  sent the key to RAMA knowledge , that is to say the " Book of Love of the White Robes " , printed in all languages ​​.  Accepting or not the commitment of the mission , each one , already programmed the day in which they would join the RAMA ........... The reincarnation with the RAMA key shows your true character and that it is there within you secretly , waiting for you to discover everything in its entirety ....... The RAMA idea and plan was based on creating a spiritual community of brothers . 

A vibration like the cosmic name reveals the person's mission and his function within it..........the true RAMA perceives it this way. 

And he, at that time and in that place, presented us to the 24 elders.  "As a fact", "a real humanity and not a possibility", and that is the greatest trust that they, the elders, placed in us.  Joaquín continued , no longer addressing the elders but towards us , indicating to us that we must continue to assume our responsibility as a race (human) in every sense , and that we had to maintain that fourth vibration , so that our consciences can establish and concretize this new reality , that is . to say to be able to connect with a different dimensional reality, where space and time have a new perception, not from the physical senses but from our interior.  He gave some work alternatives within the groups to deepen this. 

The dialogue continued on future actions and what is expected of the groups;  he put a lot of emphasis on the qualities of the new human being and of humanity in general ....... Then Cristian told us that time was over and that we should withdraw, to make way for the other group ......

" The Xendra of the White Brotherhood "

............... Some time later we entered another Xendra , the same people as the previous one .  This was related to the white brotherhood, when I entered I immediately connected and saw several beings of different sizes and shapes, one of them had a triangular head and completely red skin;  there were many and they said that the door is open.  At that moment I knew that we could not fulfill the fourth assignment;  make contact ;  and one of them was explaining the reason for not being able to make physical contact with them and passages from the trip came to my mind, when the group arrived in Cuzco, at the moment of carrying out such simple actions and especially when we crossed the Meganto or Mecanto, the The tests were strong in every sense , especially they showed the collaboration or little of some brothers , he said that it is difficult for people to leave some of their own acquired human characteristics , however the teacher commented that there is still an invitation to a place .  He said the vibration that they have is in the range of 5th and 6th (dimensions) and having contact with us in this circumstance could affect us, and we need to have a clear awareness of the 4th, since we still have some characteristics of the 3rd and when this is achieved it will be the experience much more conscious..... They began to say that they were part of the 32 emissaries that had arrived and that they are settled in the Gobi, waiting for a physical encounter with us, they showed me images of the possible meeting place. 

Afterwards, the master (Joaquin) narrated the interventions carried out in different periods of time and in very varied cultures, especially they showed me Egypt and what it marks as a milestone in the intervention of the white brotherhood on earth.  One of them got closer to me and when I felt the strong vibration that emanated, it made me almost pass out at that moment inside the Xendra, I became aware of the moment and little by little I was taking slow and deep breaths and at that moment I remembered what Patries told me in the afternoon that one of the beings who approached her is called Azhuram, and it was that same being who approached me in 2010 in an experience in the area of ​​the mountain of the face and it was he who approached me ;  A few minutes later they told us to come back that the experience was over. 

Thanks to Joaquín for the guide and his company. 


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