June 19, 1975


 The times will be fulfilled when the first of the ancients goes out in search of the tenth bell that will ring to announce to men their last test before the great day of the Anrrom.

 It will be in the evening of time, when the light is the one that removes clear minds and alerts them, warning them of life without reason and directing them to the good path.

 The light will be from a natural source and will reach only the innocents and naturals, since the Father will gather his children, protecting them in the safe corner of his lap, from the destruction of the crazy ones without humanity.

 And there will be a field, some mountains and a river, where the waters fill the roughness of the banks with beauty and where the pebbles are precious stones of unparalleled brilliance. Where the birds sing, sleep to the constant lullaby and the sky ends the parade of colors giving a great room to the child of GOD, who has the Earth as his home and his FAITH as his home; and there is no shortage of heat, there is LOVE in every noise, surface or being.

 From Dubarim to Ená, the fury of the elements will be calmed only in the presence of the Promoter united with his Children; and men will be able to see, and out of fear they will believe the Children of Love; and these will ask their Big Brother, HE WHO IS, WAS AND WILL BE, forgiveness for the sincere children who until then, due to pride or selfishness, did not recognize themselves.

 And there will be so much tranquility in the children's house that the world will regret not being able to reach that close and at the same time distant place; because the light will be no more. Human beehives will be demolished, mousetraps created by man will take lives for the value assigned by their petty builders; The Earth will be as angry as the sea and there will be no calm except in the children's house, in the home of their hearts. And this will be because the child of GOD had his body on Earth but his heart in heaven; Therefore, he will not suffer what the man who called himself "mature", whose heart and body were located in the same place, imprisoned by his own selfishness and goods. The attachment will be called at that time: "suicide."

 But all this will happen later in Inimón, the Peace of Anrrom, when only on Earth will people sing with a single voice; Be children of God and in his lap let us dance Love in Universal Harmony.

 And the children will be of one Face, and they will all feel with the same heart, so they will all love each other as themselves and peace will never again be needed on the point of sand called Earth.

 Hear the voice of your heart that asks you for Peace, seek to be yourself without mature masks in your spirit, which drown out free feeling and your pure and eternal innocence.

 Love the simple, the natural; know how to value the small, the child; Take back your old singing voice and your old desire to dance and do what you feel. The Best!

Live together in Community, and you will find yourselves children, giving and loving.

 When you feel what is said, the words are saved by hugging and dancing the Music of Love, all listening to the same vibration.

 For the Love of the Little Child first, in union with Him, all honor and all glory forever.



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