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Communication : 1988-02-21 

Place : Sto.  Domingo de los Olleros, Peru

Antenna: Tell Elam Time: 8.30 a.m.  

Yes, we are your Guides in Mission close to you, pending of your work.   

The process that you have started is already beginning to see its fruits and these are your own changes and your lucidity.  Don't lose track and don't go back the way you came.  Continue firmly forward, you will see your efforts finally crowned with the Book of Life, source and reliquary of universal wisdom.  

You are protected by the very light that you generate and channel in the service of others.  Be constant so as not to faint, strengthen yourselves between trials so that when they come you will be firm as chosen rocks that serve as the foundation for your houses.  

The Mission calls you to a definitive attitude of change that must be verified with a real rapprochement with your relatives and friends.  Change in the way of giving and in the concept of giving.  Now is the time for love to manifest in every word, gesture, act and even thought.  A dynamic love in continuous perfection for service, even when facing rejection and misunderstanding, but at the same time a happy love full of love that lives for love.  Love to become love and to encounter it.

The knowledge that you require at this stage of your Rahma experience is in you, activate by awakening your consciousness the memory of all previous preparation.  You can read and study, but all this will help to remember.  

Rahma brothers, the current moment means definitive integration and guidelines for action to arrange the change in you, now that the great change has begun.  Direct your efforts to be aware at all times so that nothing happens without you first perceiving or intuiting it;  so you can channel your energies to give them utility.  

Rahma Lima is the base and meeting point for many during this time.  Take on this responsibility with joy, it will be good for you because we will always be with you.   

The work from now on will lead you to value and mature the initiations more and to give  their proper preparation, which will materialize in outings that will bring together many. 

With Love.